'God of Wonders' Third Day Live Performance

Updated Jan 29, 2024

Take a look back on Third Day playing "God of Wonders" from a conference in Knoxville, TN.

The worship song ‘God of Wonders’ has been around for almost two decades but is still popular and sung in Christian churches all over the world. The song was written by Steve Hindalong and Marc Byrd, and it first appeared on the 2000 album City on a Hill: Songs of Worship and Praise. The song was performed on the album by Mac Powell, who is the lead singer of the Christian rock band Third Day.
 “Lord of all creation
 Of the water, earth, and sky
 The Heavens are Your Tabernacle
 Glory to the Lord on high
 God of wonders, beyond our galaxy
 You are holy, holy
 The universe declares Your majesty
 You are holy, holy
 Lord of Heaven and Earth
 Lord of Heaven and Earth”
Steve Hindalong explains how this popular worship song came to be. “I had a black Guild guitar that Marc used to borrow fairly often. He took it on a lone writing retreat to a cabin somewhere in Arkansas where he professes to have had a spiritual epiphany,” explains Steve. “There was something profoundly inspired about several songs he wrote on that sojourn. One of them was what would become the 'God of Wonders.' He played me the chord progression, singing a few lyrics like, 'Halleluiah to the Lord of heaven and earth…' Immediately, I felt soul-stirred. I sensed that it called for loftier language than we are typically inclined to use. Marc and I both tend to write very personal, introspective lyrics. But I felt like this one needed to be more transcendent – grander than us.”
When reflecting on the meaning of the song, Hindalong shares
 his thoughts on how magnificent our Heavenly Father is. “It's beyond our comprehension really – this notion that the Creator, not just of our world, not just of the Milky Way, but of ALL the galaxies in the universe – wants to share an intimate relationship with each of his children. When I call His name in the night, my savior will recognize my voice! 'God of Wonders' is a celebration of unfathomable divine truth and love."

Photo Courtesy: 'God of Wonders'/Third Day via YouTube/1/29/24 @10am
Video Courtesy: Third Day via YouTube

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