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Father-Daughter Duo Sings ‘The Prayer’ For Sleeping Sister and Pups

Updated Apr 12, 2024

One beloved singing duo revisited a favorite that first brought them recognition online.

Mat and Savanna Shaw, a father-daughter duo, have posted dozens of videos on their YouTube channel. Their videos, which feature the pair sharing their beautiful voices, have received millions of views. Also, they currently have more than 650,000 people subscribed to their channel.

As much attention as the father-daughter duo has gotten over the last couple of years, Mat and Savanna decided to go back in time. They posted a new video of them singing “The Prayer.”

The video’s description points out that originally, a video of the two of them singing “The Prayer” together was the first one posted on their channel approximately three years ago!

In the new video, the father and daughter sing the song's sweet, tender words as a little girl and two puppies snooze together on a nearby couch. 

The video’s description explains how much the song means to them.

“We still love singing it all these years later. This song gets me every time,” the description reads. 

Others who commented on the video expressed how much they loved their rendition of the show.

“This looks and sounds like pure, authentic singing. No editing or postproduction. Voices in the room. Simply divine,” one person posted.

“The prayer is one of my most loved songs and both of your voices gave me chills and teary-eyed. Loved it,” a second person added.

Others mentioned how they have improved and grown from their first video.

“Savannah’s voice has improved so much over the last three years. She was good, but now she’s incredible. Thanks for sharing your beautiful voices with us these last three years,” one YouTube user commented.

“Love how Savanna’s [voice] has matured, expanded, and opened! Thanks for repeating,” someone else added.

Psalm 9:2 “I will be glad and rejoice in you: I will sing praise to your name, O you most High.”

Photo Credit: Matt and Savannah Shaw via YouTube
Originally posted on GodTube. Used with permission. 

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