7 Common Misquotes of Jesus We Should Avoid

Britt Mooney

Contributing Writer
Updated Jun 11, 2024

But what if they’re wrong?  For instance, a former generation used to say, “Cleanliness is next to godliness.” Usually, parents say this to get their kids to clean their rooms. And while there’s value to the discipline of keeping things orderly, this statement can’t be found in the Bible. Nowhere in the authoritative written Word of God does it equate cleanliness with being like God. To place a common or cultural phrase with biblical wisdom carries a certain amount of danger, whether an unrealistic standard or even leading people into deception.  Western culture has a number of such phrases, said with religious fervor, and we use these statements in conversation, counsel, movies, songs, and more. Yet the Bible expresses a different, contrary truth. And since the biblical truth leads us to Christ, who is life, we should correct our thinking and speech to align with what is good.  

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Britt MooneyBritt Mooney lives and tells great stories. As an author of fiction and non -iction, he is passionate about teaching ministries and nonprofits the power of storytelling to inspire and spread truth. Mooney has a podcast called Kingdom Over Coffee and is a published author of We Were Reborn for This: The Jesus Model for Living Heaven on Earth as well as Say Yes: How God-Sized Dreams Take Flight.

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