Child's Response to Dad's Snoring Is Pure Comedy Gold

Updated Jun 17, 2024
Child's Response to Dad's Snoring Is Pure Comedy Gold

Babies are the cutest. The one in this TikTok video is pretty hilarious.

The video below shows Dad shoring or pretending to snore, but we aren’t quite sure. The baby, about 5 months old, is sitting beside his Dad. When Dad makes the snoring noise, the baby looks at Dad and moves his arms and legs. You can tell they are pretty excited. Their mouth is open as if in awe of what is happening. In some ways, the baby almost looks like they are trying to run away from the noise.  

Babies are so new to the world, and everything is a wonder. Dad’s snoring is an example of this. And we love the baby’s sweet and innocent reactions. 

@zape007 #dadsnores#snore #hrkanje #funny ♬ original sound - Igor Pezerović

There are quite a few funny comments on the video. Here are a few of them:

“Baby is trying to run from that generator”

“When you’re trying to run but remember you can’t walk yet”

“That's me when I'm trying to run in my dreams”

“That baby tried to run,swim and climb all at once”

“Absolutely incredible. Funniest response. He doesn’t automatically start crying. As if he’s more interested in what/where is this coming from?”

In today’s world, we can sometimes forget the little things in life. Watching a baby can remind us of what is important and what we need to focus on. Babies can and do make us laugh, especially when they are being so cute. They add so much to our lives, and we can’t help but interact with them.

Children are such a blessing, and it is important always to remember how precious they are. To treasure all the moments as babies will grow up faster than we think they can. 

“See, children are a heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward.” - Psalms 127:3

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Photo Credit: TikTok/zape007

Originally published Friday, 14 June 2024.