Candace Cameron Bure Reflects on the Bible Verse from Job That Sparked Laughter

Updated May 14, 2024

Actress and Christian Candace Cameron Bure mentioned that while reading the Old Testament book of Job, there was a verse that caused her to laugh out loud.

When most people think of the Book of Job, laughter is not commonly associated with it. Job, in the Bible’s Old Testament, tells the story of Job – a righteous man of God. The Lord had blessed Job. He was a wealthy man with a wife, many children, and an abundance of livestock.

However, Job’s life soon took a dramatic turn. Satan told God that Job would not praise Him if all his material blessings, family, and health were taken away. So, that’s what happened – everything was taken from Job. But Satan was proven wrong, and Job continued to praise God. 

Later in the book, as Candace mentions, as Job is enduring these hardships, he has individuals giving him advice. Their advice is not helpful for what he is going through, and it is one verse in which Job responds to them that caused the “Fuller House” actress to react with laughter.

“There’s a line in there that he says back to them, and I’m paraphrasing: ‘If only you would just shut your mouth and let that be your wisdom,’” she said. “I was like, ‘Job, that’s so smart.’ 

She added: “Sometimes people think they are so wise, and I’m, like, if you’d only shut your mouth and being wise from keeping silent. It made me laugh out loud reading that in the Bible.”

One of the nation’s presidents, Abraham Lincoln, has a quote often credited to him that also expresses this idea. “It is better to remain silent and thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.”

Sadly, we all know people who would benefit greatly from Job’s and Abraham Lincoln’s wise words.

Job 13:5 “If only you would keep quiet, it would be a sign of wisdom!”

Photo Credit: candacecameronburepodcast via Instagram
Originally published on GodTube. Used with permission.

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