‘After Death’ True Stories Of Near-Death Experiences From Creators Of ‘Sound Of Freedom’

Published Oct 24, 2023

As ironic as it may seem, death is a part of life. Everyone currently walking on the face of the earth will, at one time or another, pass away, ending one’s time on this planet. At that point, people will go to one of two places, and it’s entirely up to the individual which location will be their final destination. 

The trailer posted on YouTube for “After Death” gives viewers a look at the film, which opens in theaters in late October. In the 4-minute clip, several people talk about their near-death experiences. The first man interviewed states that he was a pilot flying a plane in the late 60s. Eventually, something malfunctioned on the aircraft, which led to “trees filling” the plane’s windshield. A newspaper headline states that two men were killed in the plane crash.

But that was not the case. The man talks about being above the crash site and seeing his dead, lifeless body. 

A second gentleman mentions that he was killed in a crash. A semi unexpectedly crashed into his vehicle, hitting him head-on. A woman points out that while traveling down a river, her “boat became pinned” and she was drowning.

Later in the trailer, others recall what they witnessed during these near-death experiences. Two men state that they saw darkness, being in absolute fear and terror. One of the men becomes overwhelmed with emotion, crying about what he saw during his near-death experience. 

The film, which opens in theaters on October 27, is rated PG-13 for “thematic material including violent descriptions, some bloody images and drug references,” according to IMDB.

Romans 6:23 “For the wages of sin is death: but the gift of God is eternal life, through Jesus Christ our Lord.”

Photo and Content Credit: ©GodTube

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