A Prayer for a God Loving Friend

Tiffany Thibault

Contributing Writer
Published: Jun 01, 2023

O magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt his name together. - Psalm 34:3

I consider it a great blessing to have grown up in a Christian home. My parents were intent on making God and the Bible an intricate part of our lives. My parents were real about their faith and their need for God. Life was hard at times, but I always knew that together, as a family, we would get through anything because their dependence on God was real.

I also consider it a great blessing to have grown up attending church. I have memories of our family being the last to leave as my mom was praying for someone in the hallway at church. I remember seeing people go forward to the altar to have the pastors pray over them. I remember hearing the words, “I will pray for you,” and I took in that spiritual strength, knowing that at some point in their own busy day, they would pray for my situation.

Through the years, as I have taken responsibility for my own faith walk, I have seen the great necessity to surround myself with the friendships of other women who will point me to Jesus. This is so important to me, because life is hard. Struggles drain my emotions and my energy. I always make sure that am I attending a church and reading the Bible. Those are two things I cannot live without.

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Tiffany Thibault is the author of the Bible study “Being Fruitful;” she loves leading Bible Study and speaking to women, encouraging them through truths from the Bible. She lives in the Mojave desert with her family and loves to explore the wilderness areas around her city.

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