A Powerful Prayer for Israel

Updated Oct 12, 2023

Dear Heavenly Father, as I watch the events in Israel unfold in the news, I am at a loss for words. So much violence, so much hurting, so much fear I imagine those in Israel and in Palestine must be experiencing right now. I pray that you protect those who are in the midst of this escalation of violence right now. Please shelter people from harm, get families to safety, and shield them with your peace and protection. God, although I do not know what will happen in Israel in the next few days, I do know that you have protected them in the past. You are the God of the nation of Israel. You have protected them from enemies throughout history, and you will not fail to do so now. May we continue to lift up the nation of Israel to you, and trust that you will set everything right with your righteous hand (Isaiah 41:10). Amen. - Excerpted from A Prayer for Israel on Crosswalk.com.


LISTEN: Special Update - Israel at War

This is a special episode of Inside The Epicenter. Joel and Carl delve into the current conflict taking place in Israel. They discuss the recent attacks, the implications of the conflict between Israel and Iran, the spiritual aspects of the situation, and the importance of supporting our brothers and sisters in Israel.

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