5 Courageous Ideas for Seniors

Dawn Wilson

Crosswalk.com Contributing Writer
Updated Feb 22, 2024

When I toured Israel years ago, an old soldier told the story of Israeli fighters during the 1967 Six-Day War. The soldier-turned-tour guide said courageous troops echoed battle-strong soldiers from the past, yelling “Raq Hazaq” as they fought their foes—meaning, “Be Strong and Courageous!”

Entering my senior years, I remembered those words. I’ve wondered how the Lord might yet call me to be courageous. I’ve asked myself, “How do I show courage?” And often, “How can I be braver?”

There are certainly many ways seniors become timid or draw back into their comfort zone; but I believe there are at least 10 ways we can learn to thrive in being brave as we grow older.

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Dawn Wilson 1200x1200Dawn Wilson has served in revival ministry and missions for more than 50 years. She and her husband Bob live in Southern California. They have two married sons and three granddaughters. Dawn works for Revive Our Hearts Ministries. She is the founder and director of Heart Choices Today, publishes Truth Talk with Dawn, and writes for Crosswalk.com.  

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