Judges Tell Contestant Zachariah Smith He’s Done Flipping Burgers After ‘Idol’ Audition

Published Mar 09, 2023

Zachariah Smith is a 19-year-old aspiring singer from Amory, Mississippi, who flips burgers for a living. The young man, hoping to make his musical dreams a reality, went before the judges on American Idol. 

As the video posted to YouTube begins, Zachariah informs the judges his audition song is John Mellencamp’s hit, “Hurts So Good.” Seconds after Zachariah opens his mouth to sing the first notes, he gets a positive reaction from Katy Perry. 

“Holy crapoly,” the California Dreams singer responds.

Zachariah’s performance is stunning! He does the song justice and makes it his own, tailoring it to fit his voice and skill level. All three of the judges thoroughly enjoy the performance before them. Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, and Luke Bryan dance around, clap and give each other knowing glances. 

“Man, I love it!” Luke tells his two fellow judges. 

“I love it!” Lionel answers back.

“He’s so good. He’s gonna be so fun,” Katy stated. 

After Zachariah’s performance, he receives some unconventional career advice from Luke and Katy. 

“Get a little lighter fluid, burn the apron,” Luke said. 

“You’re not flipping no burgers,” Katy states.

All three of the judges continue to heap praise on Zachariah for his awesome performance. The judges give the young man three yes votes, sending him on to the Hollywood portion of the competition. The utter surprise and joy on Zachariah’s face as the judges mentioned how much they enjoyed his singing is a sight to behold. Who doesn’t love seeing someone achieve something great in life? Well done, Zachariah!

Colossians 3:16 “Let the word of Christ be in you in all wealth of wisdom; teaching and helping one another with songs of praise and holy words, making melody to God with grace in your hearts.” 

This content originally appeared on Godtube.com; used with permission.

Photo credit: ©Godtube/American Idol

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