Ice Skaters In Their 60s Perform Epic ‘Mission Impossible’ Routine

Published Jul 28, 2023

Football, basketball, baseball, and really any other sport is often considered a young person’s activity. Athletes who no longer possess the same speed, quickness, and strength as they did in their 20s and 30s, commonly retire, usually announced in tear-filled press conferences.

However, age does not appear to have slowed down two professional ice skaters in their late 60s – Anita Hartshorn,66, and Frank Sweiding,68. A clip posted to YouTube shows the two athletes attempting and successfully completing jaw-dropping maneuvers with ease.

Seconds into the clip, Frank lifts Anita up, placing her onto his shoulders. He then flips her upside down, putting her feet on either side of his head, and swings her around as he spins around on the ice. 

Then after putting her back onto the ice, it’s time for another trick where Frank holds Anita upside down while twirling her around in a circle, with her head mere inches from the ice. 

After a few seconds of synchronized skating, it’s time for yet another maneuver that will leave most stunned. At the 1-minute mark of the clip, Frank picks up Anita and basically flips her over his shoulder. This move sends her head over heels toward the ice. She lands on her feet without missing a beat. 

But they save their most dangerous and remarkable stunt for the end of their routine. Frank, as he does throughout the clip, picks up Anita, but this time just by one leg. He then swings Anita up and down with a much greater speed and intensity than ever before. Her head gets inches from hitting the ice on multiple occasions. 

The amount of strength, timing, and athleticism these two skaters display is astounding. Frank and Anita’s routine would be more than impressive if it were performed by athletes half their age. 

2 Timothy 2:5 “And if a man takes part in a competition, he does not get the crown if he has not kept the rules.”

Content and Photo Credit: ©GodTube

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