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How to Boost These 10 Daily Activities with Prayer

How to Boost These 10 Daily Activities with Prayer

Paul tells us to pray without ceasing. I think what he’s getting at is this: that no part of our life is left untouched by prayer. Because of our humanness and the demands of the world, however, it’s easy to move throughout the day on our own timetable and focused our own agendas. We take for granted the little things, we go through the motions, and sometimes, we forget about God until the next crisis or major routine interruption.

But what if we made a conscious effort to begin to incorporate God in places in which we’ve never before invited Him? Where could we even start? Here are 10 places, along with some sample prayers to help you get the conversation rolling.

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  • 1. When you’re looking in the mirror.

    1. When you’re looking in the mirror.

    Especially when we’re getting ready, our interaction with the mirror can very easily set the tone for how we will feel and act throughout the day. What thoughts run through your head when you’re staring at your reflection? Notice them the next time you’re standing in front of the mirror. Are they positive or negative? Either way, you can invite God into your moment in front of the mirror.  

    Dear God, Thank you for being so creative when you made me. I know You fashioned me with love, intention, and purpose. Help me to see me how You see me. Keep me away from the comparison trap. And as I grow content with how who I am, both inside and out, help me to recognize the beauty in those around me. Amen.

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  • 2. When you’re driving.

    2. When you’re driving.

    I’ve never even considered putting any kind of Christian bumper sticker on my car. Why not? Let’s just say, I’m not always the most patient driver. When I get behind the wheel, I am often solely focused on two things: where I need to go and when I need to get there.

    But when I invite God into my car with me, my attitude is much more likely to change. My anxiety lessens, and I remember that I’m not the only one in a hurry or with somewhere to be.

    Dear Jesus, As I grip this steering wheel, remind me that You’re the One who’s actually in the driver’s seat of my life. Help me to know that being safe and showing kindness is always more important than my own agenda and timetable. Amen.

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  • 3. When you’re exercising.

    3. When you’re exercising.

    There have been plenty of times when I have been on a long run and my only words were, Dear God, Please help me get back to my car! But you don’t have to wait until you feel like you’re dying to involve God in your workout.

    Thank you, God, for helping me to choose to prioritize my health today. As I strengthen my physical body, show me how You want me to strengthen my spiritual life as well. I invite You to use this time to open my heart to what You want to me to hear. Amen.

    If you’re outdoors or at the gym, pay special attention to moments when God may inspire you to pray for those you see.

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  • 4. When you’re grocery shopping.

    4. When you’re grocery shopping.

    This is probably the other place, second to my car, where I can be easily irritated. I’m usually in a hurry and want to make a beeline for the items I need, only to be slowed by a maze of shopping carts and indecisive shoppers. Clearly, another place I need Jesus.

    Dear Jesus, Thank you for the opportunity to buy healthy food to nourish myself and my family. Thank you for making a way for us to afford what is in this cart. Please help me be aware when You ask me to step up and be Your hands and feet when others are in need. No matter my own circumstances, help me to be a blessing, even if it needs to only to be with my smile and grace. Amen.

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  • 5. When you’re drinking a favorite beverage.

    5. When you’re drinking a favorite beverage.

    It’s especially easy to take for granted our access to water. But in the times of Jesus, it was a process to get water for everyday needs. Jesus met a Samaritan woman in the heat of the day and introduced her to the concept of Living Water. He offered her a chance, for the first time ever, to be fully known and fully loved – something that will never leave a person dry.

    Jesus, Thank you for offering us something that will satisfy our spiritual thirst. When I am afraid or ashamed, help me to recognize that You know everything about me and love me still. Open my eyes to what will truly satisfy me and lead me into a deeper relationship with You. Inspire me to offer those around me this same Living Water. Amen

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  • 6. When you’re eating.

    6. When you’re eating.

    You may think that saying grace is a way of inviting God to your table. And you would be correct to think that way. One of the main purposes of saying grace is to show thanks for the food we are about to consume. But is there more space for Him at our table?

    Dear God, We are so thankful for this food we are about to receive. Not only do we ask you to bless the hands that made it, but we also invite the Holy Spirit to be present in our conversations. Help us to grow together as a family as we share our hearts. May this ever be a safe place to share. Amen.

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  • 7. When you’re in the shower.

    7. When you’re in the shower.

    According to many (myself included), the shower is a very inspirational place. I have no scientific data as to why, but maybe it’s because the hot water relaxes us enough to where we have more capacity to hear from the Holy Spirit. Self-care is such a good thing!

    Holy Spirit, As I am here in the shower, I am listening to You. As the water washes over me, show me where I need to ask for forgiveness so I may be cleansed. As I am relieved of the burden of my sin, washed white as snow, help me to hear Your voice. Remind me of Jesus’ words to Peter when He washed the disciples’ feet. Show me today whom I can also serve in love. Amen.

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  • 8. When you’re scheduling something on your calendar.

    8. When you’re scheduling something on your calendar.

    It’s tempting, at least for some of us, to look at white space on the calendar and immediately fill it. I learned the hard way that filling up every slot on my calendar leaves me feeling depleted by the time I get home to my family. For others, you may be afraid of saying “yes” to things that are new, different, and/or challenging.

    God, Help me to know which meetings, opportunities, and commitments are things You want me to do and which things are best left for others to take on. Help me to use Your wisdom and discernment so that I can bear good fruit for Your Kingdom. Amen.

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  • 9. When you’re cleaning.

    9. When you’re cleaning.

    Some of us love cleaning and others, well, not so much. Regardless of your feelings about chores, it’s a great time to express gratitude for the things you have. With social media, television shows, etc., it can become a bad habit to constantly compare what you have with what others have. Inviting God into everything you touch as you clean brings the realization that you have a lot for which to give thanks.

    God, Thank you for everything I am touching while I clean. Thank you for running water through the sink, for the toilet that flushes, for the closets that hold clothes that keep us warm. Thank you for this space that provides a roof over our heads. Amen.

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  • 10. When you’re paying bills.

    10. When you’re paying bills.

    This is another one of those instances, like exercise, where our prayers can sometimes be restricted to statements like, Dear God, I need more money! The truth is, sometimes we really do need more money to cover the essentials and the fun wants of life, but sometimes we just think we do.

    Inviting God into how you manage your finances can be very illuminating, but also challenging because sometimes we are called to sacrifice things we don’t really want to. But knowing that God is our provider and the true owner of all things has the power to give us true financial peace.

    Dear God, Please help me keep a healthy perspective on money and the place it holds in my life. You have said that no one can serve both God and money and I ask that You help ensure that You are my first priority and the One with whom my allegiance lies. Help me to see creative ways that we may use what You have given us. Amen.

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