5 Valentine's Day Desserts

Vivian Bricker

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Updated Feb 07, 2024
5 Valentine's Day Desserts

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to try some fun new recipes. Even though Valentine’s Day is not as popular as other holidays for traditional baking, such as Christmas or Thanksgiving, it is still a fun holiday to make the people in your life feel loved, especially by offering them a yummy dessert. Many people think you have to be in a romantic relationship to celebrate Valentine’s Day, but this isn’t true. All people of all ages can enjoy this festive holiday!

Think back to when you were in elementary school. It was fun to have a Valentine’s Day party with your fellow peers and enjoy sweet treats. Although we are no longer in elementary school, we can still channel that same festive spirit. If you want to get into the Valentine’s Day spirit this year, trying a few new "lovely" recipes will be a great way to do just this. 

Here are five Valentine’s Day dessert recipes for you to try this year:

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1. Heart Cookies

One great dessert you can try to bake this Valentine’s Day is heart cookies. Most of us love cookies and they bring back many memories. Even though cookies get a bad rep from health influencers, there is nothing wrong with having a few cookies on Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is normally associated with chocolate, but trying some warm, fresh cookies this year might be the perfect twist to your holiday. However, if you want to have both chocolate and cookies, there is nothing wrong with a classic chocolate chip cookie!

Heart cookies are fun to make by yourself or with friends, family, or your partner. A great recipe for heart cookies can be found here. These cookies are fun not only to bake but also to decorate! Sometimes decorating the cookies is the most fun part because you get to add Valentine's colors to your delicious cookies. (If you have any leftover heart cookies, they will last up to about three days after you make them.)

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2. Chocolate Dip with Strawberries

A second Valentine’s Day dessert recipe is chocolate dip with strawberries. Although I’m allergic to strawberries, this is a great recipe for all the strawberry lovers in your life. Strawberries are a great sweet treat to have on Valentine’s Day because they are very festive. With this fun recipe, you will be able to dip your strawberries in chocolate and other toppings like sprinkles and whipped cream. This recipe might get messy, but you and your loved ones will love this snack.

The perfect recipe for chocolate dip with strawberries can be found here. This is an easy and quick recipe that won’t take too much time. If you are short on time after work or after picking up your kids from school, this will be a great recipe to prepare for Valentine’s Day. Even if you are not an experienced chef, this is an easy dessert to make. If you love strawberries and chocolate, this is a must-try recipe this year for Valentine’s.

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3. White Chocolate Strawberry Snack Mix

A third Valentine’s Day dessert recipe to try this year is a white chocolate strawberry snack mix. This recipe only takes 25 minutes, but there are many ingredients you will need. 

A great recipe for a white-chocolate strawberry snack mix can be found here. If you make this recipe according to the directions, it will make 16-18 cups. Remember, if you are hosting a kid’s Valentine’s Day party, you might need to double the recipe depending on how many kids are in your child’s class.

White chocolate strawberry snack mix is a cute recipe to try this Valentine’s Day because it will get you in the holiday spirit. The pretty pink colors in this recipe will make your home feel ready for Valentine’s Day. It's also good to note here that this recipe can be versatile, and you can change it up for future holidays. You could also switch out the different flavors of cereals, chocolates, and fruit if you wanted to have this recipe for another day of the year too. 

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4. Brownie Tart

A fourth Valentine’s Day dessert to try this year is a brownie tart. Most of us love a homemade brownie. The warm and soft texture can bring back many memories from childhood. While it is true that nobody cooks and bakes the same as our moms, we can try to make our own brownie recipe that embodies the same spirit. 

For this Valentine’s Day, a great recipe you could try is a twist on the traditional brownie—a brownie tart. If you are unsure about making a brownie tart, give it a chance. You might discover it is your new favorite Valentine’s Day tradition. A delicious brownie tart recipe can be found here. This recipe will take more time than the previous recipes I listed, but it's still a great recipe to try this Valentine’s Day.

If you love chocolate and all things brownie, this is the perfect recipe for you. If you want to extend even more love, the brownie tart is perfect to wrap in a clear goodie bag and gift to loved ones. No matter what kind of spin you put on this recipe, you will be sure to be in the spirit of Valentine’s Day. 

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5. Chocolate-Covered Ice Cream Hearts

A fifth Valentine’s Day dessert recipe to try this year is chocolate-covered ice-cream hearts. Even though Valentine’s Day is in the winter and can get cold at times, it is never too cold for ice cream. If you love chocolate, ice cream, and trying new recipes, make chocolate-covered ice cream hearts this year for Valentine’s Day.

A great recipe for chocolate-covered ice cream hearts can be found here. Similar to the brownie tart recipe, this will take some time. Therefore, it is important to plan accordingly and ensure you have enough time to make this recipe before your kids get home or in time for dessert. 

This recipe calls for strawberry ice cream; however, you can use chocolate, vanilla, or cookies and cream. The strawberry ice cream is included to give it the pink coloring to look more like Valentine’s Day. However, there is nothing wrong with switching this up if you really just don’t like strawberry-flavored foods. Nonetheless, chocolate-covered ice cream hearts are a fun and sweet treat that you can have with your loved ones on Valentine’s Day. 

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Originally published Wednesday, 07 February 2024.