Does the Bible Mention Interracial Dating/Marriage?

Vivian Bricker

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Updated Jan 09, 2023
Does the Bible Mention Interracial Dating/Marriage?

Marriage was created to show the relationship between Christ and the Church. It doesn’t matter what color two believers are, but rather what matters is that one man and one woman have come together because they both love God and each other. 

During the Old Testament, God didn’t want the Israelites to marry those outside of Israel. He did this not because of ethnicity but because those outside of Israel were worshiping false gods. The Lord didn’t want Israel to become married to those who would lead them away from Him. Thus, God did not want Israel to date or marry those outside Israel because they could tempt Israel to sin and follow false gods.

Dating and Marriage

Most of the time, when people talk about interracial dating and marriage, they are referring to ethnicity. The truth is that there is only one race—the human race, and we all come from the same Creator. Ethnicities are but skin pigments. Our skin pigment comes from melanin. Just because we have different skin pigments doesn’t mean we are any different from each other. We all are the same on the inside—we all have a heart and a mind. None of us are much different from each other because we all have a deep longing inside to be loved and to be known. 

The Bible tells us we are all equal. We are all made in the image of God, whether we have red, yellow, black, or white skin (Genesis 1:27). We are also told by Paul, “There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus” (Galatians 3:38). As Paul tells us, we are all equal and one in Christ. Nobody is better than anyone else, as we are all equal. Pride is a common sin for individuals to struggle with, yet this is what causes individuals to become racist toward others.


Racism is a sin. The belief that those of different skin colors shouldn’t marry each other is a form of racism. God never says that people of different skin colors cannot marry each other. If they are both believers in the Lord and love each other, there is no reason they cannot get married. The only marriages God condemns are same-sex marriage and marriage between a believer and an unbeliever. These are the only two types of marriages that go against God’s design for marriage. An interracial marriage doesn’t taint God’s design for marriage.

Those who believe interracial dating or marriage is unbiblical are misinformed. There is nothing in the Bible that speaks against dating or marrying someone of a different skin color than yourself. God created all people, and He loves all people. He does not play favorites, as He loves every single person equally. There is not a supreme ethnicity, as all people are equal at the cross of Christ. If someone thinks something is wrong with interracial dating/marriage, they must turn to the Lord and meditate on what the Bible says. There is absolutely nothing wrong with interracial dating/marriage. 

Many people try to condemn interracial dating/marriage based on the Bible, but this is wrong. As we have established, God only condemns the Israelites for marrying those outside Israel because of their foreign gods. The Lord didn’t have anything against their skin color because He made them. Rather, the Lord didn’t want His people to marry those who would lead them after false gods. As shown in the life of King Solomon, his many foreign wives led him after foreign gods and caused him to disobey God. In the same way, God didn’t want the people of Israel to marry outside of Israel to protect their faith in Him. 

Marrying someone of a different color doesn’t mean a person is sinning. In fact, it is a beautiful thing for two believers to get married. Marriage is a sacred covenant before the Lord. When two believers get married, they are a representation of Christ and the Church. As Christ cares for the Church, the husband needs to care for his wife. In the same way, the woman must love and respect her husband just as the Church loves and respects Christ. Marriage was created to show the relationship between Christ and the Church. It doesn’t matter what color two believers are, but rather what matters is that one man and one woman have come together because they both love God and each other. 

History of Interracial Dating

During segregation, interracial dating/marriage was frowned upon, yet this was due to people’s sins. They falsely used the Bible out of context and condemned those who loved people of different skin tones. Nobody should be told they can’t love somebody else because of their skin color. Sadly, many Caucasians believe they are the supreme ethnicity, but they are not. Throughout history, Catholic churches have portrayed Jesus as being Caucasian, and this belief is still depicted throughout time. Jesus would have been ethnically Jewish, which meant He would have had darker skin, dark hair, and dark eyes. 

This is radically different from the white skin, light hair, and blue eyes Jesus often is depicted as having. We can see racism shown in this matter, which deeply affects people to this day. Due to this false belief, many people have believed that white people should only marry white people or that African-Americans should only marry African-Americans. This is not true at all because God loves all people, and He does not draw a barrier line that a believer of a certain skin color cannot date or marry a believer who is of a different skin color. 

Instead of condemning those who love someone of a different skin color, we should support, encourage, and love them. If they are both believers, they love each other, and they love God, then there is nothing wrong. As established, the only marriage unions rejected by God are marriages between same-sex couples and marriages between a believer and an unbeliever. God established marriage to be between one believing man and one believing woman. The Bible tells us, “That is why a man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife, and they become one flesh” (Genesis 2:24). 

Anything that goes against this design, as stated in Genesis 2:24, goes against God’s perfect design for marriage. As we know, God loves all people of all skin tones because He created us, and we are all made in His image (Genesis 1:27). It doesn’t matter if a white woman wants to marry an African-American man or if a white man wants to marry an African-American woman—the same goes for Asians, Latinos, and believers of other ethnicities. If they are both followers of Christ, there is nothing wrong, and the interracial relationship is in accordance with God's design. 


If you are a believer and considering dating or marrying another believer of a different skin color, then know it is perfectly okay to date or marry this individual. In the same way, if you are a person who struggles with racism, take some time to deeply study the Bible and discover that God doesn’t condemn interracial dating or marriage. The only marriages He condemns are the marriage between same-sex couples and marriages between a believer and an unbeliever. Marriage is a beautiful covenant before God, and those who choose to marry one another do not need to be judged based on their skin color. Everyone is beautiful and uniquely designed by our wonderful Creator and has the opportunity to step into the God-ordained covenant of marriage.  

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