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In Praise of Moms

Karen Moore

Updated Jul 14, 2023
In Praise of Moms

As a mom, you bring out the best in each member of your family, reminding them that God sees them, loves them, and knows them by name. 

"There, in the presence of the Lord your God, you and your families shall eat and shall rejoice in everything you have put your hand to, because the Lord your God has blessed you." Deuteronomy 12:7, NIV

Can you hear the thundering applause? Heads are turning, people are smiling, and everyone is excited for you. This is your day, Mother's Day. This is your moment to stand up and bask in the gratitude of all those who know you. You may be surprised. After all, no one usually notices the efforts you make to be a kind friend, a good mother, and a blessing to everyone you meet. 

The truth is that God always sees you and recognizes all you do as a good and faithful servant. You go the extra mile, giving even when you imagine you have nothing left to give. 

Today you’re offered thanks and praise for being a dedicated and faithful mom. Here are just some of the reasons everyone thinks there’s no one quite like you! 

You’re a Mom Who Prays

Moms who pray have a bit of an edge over moms who don’t. Why? In part, it’s because moms who pray know they aren’t trying to do the tremendous job of parenting all alone. Beyond that, they know when they stop the world and sit in God’s presence for a few minutes, they get to breathe more easily. They know that God is taking care of them as well as their children. It makes a great difference in how their day goes.

Moms who have a heart for God know that no matter what happens, they have somewhere to share their troubles and concerns. They don’t have to walk around with worry, contemplating all the “what-ifs,” because they can share their burdens with the only One who can actually do anything to help them. God steps in to give them wisdom regarding their children and renews their spirits. 

Moms who pray love to know others pray for them as well. Prayer supports their efforts to raise great kids. Prayer helps them embrace whatever the day may bring. They are fueled and empowered to do the tasks set before them. 

The Mom Beatitudes

If we were to create beatitudes designed just for moms, they might read something like this: 

Blessed are moms who give their children praise, allowing them to laugh and play, for their hearts will be light.

Blessed are moms who assign family chores and hold their offspring accountable to do them, for they shall be less busy and teach them the gift of responsibility.

Blessed are moms who let their “yes" mean "yes,” and their “no" mean "no,” for their children will always know what to expect.

Blessed are moms who make their children a priority, giving them guidance and love in copious amounts to make them feel confident and happy.

Blessed are moms who recognize they can only influence their children’s lives for a short time, so they give them the confidence to make good choices, love beyond measure, and wisdom to seek after God. 

“If” for Moms Just Like You

If you can keep your head

When all about you

The kids are screaming louder than before.

If you can trust yourself

When others doubt you,

And stop yourself from running out the door,

If you can say your prayers

When you need courage,

Trusting God to hear each thing you say,

Then you’ll raise kids that bless the world around them

And know that love will always guide their way.

God Made You a Unique Mom

Each mom is a unique and beautiful design. God knew right from the beginning there would never be anyone quite like her. He knew her children would be complicated, amazing, and curious. He knew she’d have to do a lot of the work on her own and that her prayers would make all the difference.

Imagine for a moment what God might have thought as you were being designed. He might have thought, “Since her life circumstances won’t be easy, she’ll need extra courage and strength.” He might have thought, “Her second child will be a challenge to her, so I’ll give her some special wisdom and insight to know just how to parent him well.” 

Whatever else He may have thought, when God made you, He was doing some of His best work. He already knew what you’d be up against and what you would need to do the job well. After all, He doesn’t deal in “seconds” or have a “drop-down” line. He creates all things good and wonderful.

Moms Are a Little Bit Angel

Moms are a little bit angel. They are God’s hands and feet, His unconditional love, and His kind heart. They are the ones who bring mercy into the most difficult situations and laughter to a room heavy with clouds. 

Moms know when God has called them to draw near to a child who feels frightened and alone or to one who feels lost and uncertain. God placed a spirit of possibility and joy within moms to give them courage and insight. 

As a mom, you bring out the best in each member of your family, reminding them that God sees them, loves them, and knows them by name. 

In these ways, moms are a little bit angel.

A Devotion Just for Mom

God sees you, Mom! He knows when you didn’t get enough sleep because you were up half the night worrying about your teenage son or when you were rocking your baby who needed your comforting arms. He assures you of His presence, blesses you with His favor, and hears your heartfelt prayers.

He knows how hard you work to balance your career with your responsibilities as a parent. He steps in to strengthen you with the kind words of a friend or the thoughtful gesture of a neighbor. He wants all things to work together for your good.

God sees you make every effort to bless your children with a home that gives them the greatest chance to become all He created them to be. 

When you begin and end the day, seek His face and breathe in His faithful Spirit. He will reward you with a sense of fulfillment and peace. He will guide you in the ways that allow your children to one day rise up and call you blessed (Proverbs 31).

A Prayer for Moms Everywhere

Father in Heaven,

Bless moms everywhere who work hard to help their children become responsible and loving adults. Give them wisdom for those times that are difficult and courage for the moments that bring them fear. Help them to trust you in all things, knowing that you care about them and the children they have brought into the world. 

Strengthen them when they are tired and weary. Give them moments of laughter and delight to lift their spirits. Give them a break when they simply need some time to themselves, and renew their hearts and minds when they spend time with You.

Grant that every mother would enjoy the gifts of your Spirit to bring them infinite patience, wisdom, and love. 

Thank You, Lord, for the precious women You have called into motherhood.


Photo Credit: ©GettyImages/Vasyl Dolmatov

Karen Moore is the author of over 120 inspirational books, including her latest book, Prayers to Strengthen Your Soul: 365 Daily PrayersShe is also an author, coach, and speaker for writing and women’s conferences. Between Karen and her husband, they have six grown children and ten grandchildren, and currently work and live in Lady Lake, Florida. Her website is www.karenmooreauthor.com, and you can find her on Facebook @KarenmooreAuthorSpeaker.