9 Ways for Busy Women to do Bible Study

Updated Sep 22, 2021
9 Ways for Busy Women to do Bible Study
For the busy woman who really wants time in the Word, here are 9 ways surefire ways to get Bible study every day.

There are two things that battle for my attention every morning: the day’s agenda and time in the Word.

I know I’m not alone in this. It’s downright cliche’ to even acknowledge that we women are busy.

And it seems that every stage has its own busy.

I want to share some ways for busy women to get in the Word.  At the outset, we need to know there’s no replacement for unhindered, blocked off, fought for and found time in the Bible.

I love devotionals and listening to archived sermons but neither can replace God speaking directly to us from His Word every day.

We also need time. I’ve had days where 15 minutes was all I got before the day marched on ready or not. While fifteen minutes is a great snack, it’s not going to sustain my soul for the day or feed me long term.

So I’m sharing 9 ways that help get me in the Word throughout the day. And more importantly – get the Word in me.

1. No other words before the Word

This was my self-imposed rule when I had a houseful of babies, toddlers and school-age kids. Those were seasons where I was quite literally on active duty around the clock. There was no getting up earlier than my children.

My rule was this: Read the Bible before anything else that day. No emails, no Facebook, no magazines until I’d read the Bible. It worked beautifully. Because we will always read something every day, we can make it God’s Word.

2. Listen to the Word

On the treadmill? Cleaning a bathroom? This is found time to listen to the Bible on audio. Sometimes hearing the Word helps it fall fresh. If you’re studying through a book, this is a great way to listen through it every day.

3. Set it out

I loved this trick that Kaitlyn Bouchillon uses to make sure she reads her Bible every day. Kaitlyn writes:

So I started doing this thing. It is so simple I’m actually embarrassed to tell you.

Right before going to sleep at night, I place my Bible on top of my closed laptop.

That’s it. That’s the trick. And it totally works. For me to do any of my work for the day, I have to literally set the Bible aside. I’m a visual learner, and when I actually see what I’m doing – choosing work over time with Him – it plain stops me in my tracks.

Sometimes the simplest things are the most genius. Your sweet spot might be on your bedside table where you pick it up before scrolling through your phone or next to coffee pot where you head first thing every morning.

4. Check your phone

If we’re going to check our phone fifty times a day, we might as well use it to feed our soul. While conventional Bible apps that let you read one chapter of Psalms, Proverbs or read through the Bible in daily chunks, here are three of my favorite tried and true apps with daily devotions:

5. Stash a Bible in your car

Keeping a Bible in the car is perfect for pockets of downtime like the car pick up line or waiting for a child at practice. Side note: My van is actually my war room. It’s the most distraction-free zone I have and I’ve grown to adore the quiet every morning when the car door shuts.

6. Invite your kids

I know this completely undermines the quiet of quiet time, but on those days when you haven’t been able to find 30 secluded minutes, let your kids get their Bibles and sit near you. You can train your children to read or look at pictures quietly, all the while helping them develop their own Bible time habit.

7. Join a Bible study

The best thing I ever did to help develop a lifelong love for the Word was join a Bible study as a young mom. I love the accountability and fellowship in a Bible study group. There are two ways to go about finding a good, Bible-saturated study.

8. Tap an accountability partner

If you really thrive on accountability, ask a friend or mentor to help you. It can be as simple as texting DONE! Or she can periodically ask what God is teaching you and whether you’re finding daily time with Go. Remember that your spouse may be your best accountability partner. You can do a study together or simply agree to encourage one another in making Bible time a daily tradition.

9. Listen to great teaching

Radio stations, podcasts and sites such as OnePlace.com provide hours of updated teaching from some of the country’s best teachers. I’ve found that when I’m in the Word, these sermons often affirm and develop what God has been teaching me in my own Bible study.

I’d love to know what you’d add to this list. What other ways have you found to help you spend time in God’s Word every day?

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