3 Ways to Celebrate Easter with a Non-Believer

Alicia Searl

Contributing Writer
Published: Mar 24, 2022
3 Ways to Celebrate Easter with a Non-Believer

While we must be bold for Christ and share our faith, we must also remember that God doesn’t need us to defend Him. Our goal isn’t to spew out Scripture and bring on judgments; it is to look for ways to plant a seed and share the Gospel in love. Then allow Jesus to take their hand from there.

"Jesus answered, 'I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.'" John 14:6 (NIV)

Easter is almost here. Do you know what that means? Celebrate good times! As believers, we take a moment to reflect on the somber reality of what Christ did for us. This time of year often causes us to pause and ponder our own lives. Fasting or giving up something (Lent) ultimately reveals our need for a Savior. A Savior that humbled himself by the act of a selfless sacrifice to save us from the bondage of our sins, therefore, fulfilling prophecy. 

We acknowledge that God came to earth as a man to show us His unconditional love. We give God our praise and thanks for showing us the way in which to live, offering us His invaluable lessons of this life, and offering us His Son in order to give us not only an abundant life but an eternal one as well. (John 14:6

However, have you noticed how Easter doesn’t get quite the recognition it truly deserves? Jesus died to save us! That’s a pretty big deal. But, Easter gets maybe a few days of celebration at best. From Good Friday to Easter Sunday. We’ll hide eggs and bake a ham, maybe indulge in a few extra treats (because we missed them during lent), then quickly go back to our normal lives, moving on, as if we didn’t just celebrate Jesus conquering death! 

Are We Missing the Point?

If Jesus hadn't died on that cross, we would still be trapped in our sin. Our human nature would still be ruling over us and our faith would be deemed pointless. Thankfully, God had another plan. As always, His plan is good, pure, and perfect. While we may not fully understand it, we do know that God intended to show us His justice, mercy, and grace on that cross. 

But, like always, the evil one is trying to divert our attention. Aiming to steal away the significance of anything good, twisting and tainting it. He’s been trying to steal away the real reason behind Easter season for a long time. And that, my friend, should call us to action! 

We are living in uncertain times, worrisome even. Many are searching for answers. They are looking for something to replace the fear that has now resided in their hearts. We see devastation and destruction placed in front of us every day. Satan is present in these times. He is alive and active. He is trying to win. For those who don’t know Christ, sadly, many believe evil is winning, or worst yet, that evil has already won. 

Friends, this world is in desperate need of hope! Our hearts should ache for those that don’t know the story of Jesus. It should bring us to our knees in pure agony seeing so many who are lost. This is why God commands us to proclaim who He is to the world. (Mark 16:15-16)

So, maybe the point of Easter is to share the good news by celebrating with those who don’t know Jesus! If that sounds daunting, take heart. Explaining the meaning of Easter to a non-believer takes time. Start by building trust. Grow a relationship and allow the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you as you are prompted to share your heart and share God’s love for them.

Let's dive into three simple ways to build a relationship with a non-believer and eventually open the door to celebrate the beautiful holiday of Easter together.

1. Share a Meal

Jesus was rather good at eating and sharing meals with the unorthodox. In Mathew 9:9-10, we see this is where Jesus met Matthew, a tax collector, who later became his disciple (Luke 18:9-14). While tax collectors were hated and seen as sinners in those times, Jesus saw the hearts of people. After Jesus asked Matthew to follow Him, they went back to Matthew’s home and gathered with others for a meal. (Matthew 9:9-10)

It’s easy to gather with fellow believers, slip into our comfort zones, and settle for superficial relationships with non-believers. But, if we really want to be a light, like Mathew 5:16 tells us to be, and let others see Jesus living in us, we need to ask God to help us see everyone the way he does! Treasured. Valued. Loved. Then, by leaning in on the Holy Spirit, step out in faith and spend time with those who are laid upon our hearts! 

Start by inviting them to lunch or to grab a coffee. Keeping it casual opens up the lines of communication, and they may feel more apt to relax. Just remember when we’re trying to build a bridge to unbelievers, our goal isn’t to convert them. It is to love them and show them what grace is all about. (Colossians 4:5-6

Once you spend time together, they may slowly begin to let their guard down, possibly feeling comfortable enough to take you up on that invite for Easter dinner. This would be the perfect opportunity to share the story of Jesus!

Listen to Their Story

One of the main reasons many non-believers tend to shy away from believers is because they don’t want to be “talked at.” They don’t want to hear someone climb on their soapbox, get into a debate, or, even worse, an argument. They simply want to be heard. The only reason I can say this is because I was that person that craved to be heard and understood. 

While we must be bold for Christ and share our faith, we must also remember that God doesn’t need us to defend Him. Our goal isn’t to spew out Scripture and bring on judgments; it is to look for ways to plant a seed and share the Gospel in love. Then allow Jesus to take their hand from there.

We also need to know when to be silent. Listen. Listen intently to their story. Let them share without interruptions and try to be understanding. Oftentimes, when we offer our ear, we gain a heart. Be an active participant in the conversation by asking honest questions, such as, “Tell me more about why you believe that?” or “What has your experience been so far?” or “Is there something I can do to help?’”. In those moments where the conversation gets tense or awkward, invite God into your own heart, letting Him lead you on when to speak and what to say.

Offer Hope

While sharing the truth with others takes time, and may be a little unnerving, it is so humbling to know that God uses us to touch lives, all the while, growing our own faith. Just to know that we are part of a greater plan to point the hopeless to the source of hope. To show them real peace by introducing them to the Prince of Peace. To share stories of pure redemption and grace. To ultimately shed light in a world that is growing dimmer by the day.

As believers, may we choose to be observant. Look for those who need the real hope found in Jesus, and trust God will walk us through those relationships. May we not grow weary or fall disappointed if a heart seems to go unchanged, because we never know the work God is doing behind the scenes. May we still start a mission, even if it is carried out by another. And may we be bold enough to speak up even if we find ourselves stumbling on our words because we need not be perfect, just willing. Just willing to share the greatest news ever. And that, my friend, is worth celebrating!

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