13 Suggestions on Recovering from a Cult-Like Church

Sarah Hamaker

Crosswalk.com Contributing Writer
Published: Feb 23, 2023

13 Suggestions on Recovering from a Cult-Like Church

Do you love your pastor? Many of us do in a healthy way, enjoying strong biblical teaching brought by a man who spends time in God’s Word and preaches the Gospel to his congregation. But sometimes, the minister hasn’t been a faithful follower of Jesus and has led his flock astray by becoming more important to the men and women in the pews than Christ himself. In those cases, that particular church might have morphed into more like a cult than a gathering of believers. If you’ve recently left a church that either was a cult or had cult-like practices, recovering from that experience will take time. Here are some general suggestions for helping you to deal with the aftermath—and get on the road to recovery.

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