Will My Dog Go to Heaven?

Alicia Searl

Contributing Writer
Updated Feb 16, 2024
Will My Dog Go to Heaven?

Knowing that God has a plan and purpose for every living thing and the animals He brings into our lives should bring comfort.

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As I write this, my precious puppy of twelve years sits peacefully by my feet. She is my little buddy and always brings me so much comfort when I sit down at my computer—just another reason why I find writing so cathartic.

We got her as a rescue eleven years ago when our first baby, a yellow lab, was an old lady (as we lovingly called her), and we felt she needed a “sister.” Thankfully, the two of them got along pretty well, even though they sometimes encountered doggy sibling rivalry.

However, as our lab grew older and experienced pain in her neck, causing her to no longer eat, we knew it was her time to let her go and see her over the rainbow bridge. Her sister, Carmen, mopped around the house for days, sensing her absence.

Like many, my heart wonders if I will ever see our Daisy girl again. Do dogs go to heaven? Will she come running up to me like she always did, tail wagging, ears flopping, totally free-spirited in heaven? My initial answer so badly wants to be yes, I will see my dog in heaven! 

Yet, the Bible isn’t completely clear on this issue of whether or not our dogs and pets will go to heaven, which leads me to wonder if there is a place to find comfort. Maybe you wonder about this same issue and just want to know that if your beloved four-legged pal won’t be greeting you with a sloppy kiss when you enter those pearly white gates in heaven, will you really experience peace?

While there are equally sincere Christians who take a stance on either side of this matter of pets in heaven, one thing is clear: the bond between man and dog (or any beloved animal) is quite unique, and God’s hand is all over it!

A Special Bond and God's Care for Pets

Proverbs 12:10 tells us that the righteous care for the needs of their animals. This goes to show that the bond between humans and animals is indeed a very special one. Some even refer to their pets as “their children.” (My husband and I included)

Because we have a one-of-a-kind love for our animals, we must know that God cares deeply about them as well! In fact, He created everything, including the fish in the seas, birds in the sky, and our dear furry friends, for His glory (Revelations 4:11). He also created animals before He even created human beings, so in the grand scheme of things, He also created these animals for Adam and Eve (and us) to enjoy as well.

While human beings are made in the image of God (Genesis 1:27) and are told to have dominion over every living thing (Genesis 1:28), the fact of the matter is that we are given a choice. God gives us the choice and ability to show compassion towards other living creatures, and when we do, it often leads the way for beautiful relationships to form.

Due to God’s great love, we can be assured that God loves animals, and we are called to respect them and use them for a better life. Furthermore, we are told that any form of abuse or neglect is, in fact, sinful (Deuteronomy 27:21). So, that goes to show how much God cares and longs for us to nurture, provide, and protect His animals.

The Presence of Animals in Heaven

Isaiah 11:6-9 tells of the wolf lying down with the lamb and the ox and lion grazing together. Heaven is portrayed as a place of peace where every living thing (including animals) will live in full submission to the Lord. Just picturing this brings me so much joy.

Being a mountain gal, we venture up to the Smokey Mountains at least once a year. It is a place that is calming and so tranquil. Yet, it is also full of unforeseen danger. We usually hike along the trails and take our girls into the wilderness, but my husband always brings a bag that carries a first aid kit and a few other essentials just in case we run into wild animals. Even still, watching these beautiful animals in their natural habitat and home gives my heart such a happy hug. Once, we saw a momma bear and a few cubs following her, and we just stopped, watching them from a safe distance.

Animals are so fascinating and truly beautiful. God is so abundantly good and created such beautiful things for us to enjoy, which leads me to believe if we enjoy them here on earth, experiencing their awe-inspiring wonder in heaven has got to be so much better.

The Jury Is Still Out… But I Say Yes, Dogs Will Be in Heaven!

So, while it isn’t specifically clear whether our beloved pets will be happily welcoming us again, and several interpretations of the Scriptures discuss this topic, based on the evidence about heaven and the nature of our God, I would venture to say yes! Yes, we will see our pets again!

We must also consider that because animals differ from humans, they cannot make intellectual decisions nor choose to sin. This essentially makes them blameless. Therefore, their innocence makes them candidates for salvation (Luke 3:4) and entrance into heaven. Those are my thoughts.

Our God is so loving and kind, and heaven is a place of such peace and tranquility. It is really hard to imagine being there without our fur babies. Yet, who can even begin to fully know the extent and wonders of our God and the heavenly realm (1 Corinthians 2:9). Either way, we must trust that God’s plan is perfect, including being reunited or not seeing our beloved animal friends in heaven.

Knowing that God has a plan and purpose for every living thing and the animals He brings into our lives should bring comfort.

How to Seek or Give Comfort

Losing a pet can be one of the deepest pains we will ever endure. For some, the grief can be unbearable, not knowing if they will ever see their beloved companion again.

After we lost our lab, our daughters were young, but the looks on their faces told me everything. They wanted to know if they would ever see Daisy again. I wasn’t sure how to answer. And while that time was truly heartbreaking for us all, watching my children wrestle with that grief was difficult to navigate.

I reminded them that God loves all His creation, including our dear pets. The Bible tells us that no good thing will be withheld from those who are blameless (Psalm 84:11).

As we strive to love others (or ourselves) who are grieving the loss of a pet, we must keep in mind that God is our greatest comfort and can console us during these times. Draw close and allow Him to wrap you in His presence.

So, with that, will you pray with me?

Faithful Father,
We know You are a good, kind, and gracious Creator with a purpose for all living things. Thank you for creating the animals and giving us the means to create such a special bond with them. We know that You create animals for Your glory and love them. Thank you for being a God of love and etching that into the hearts of Your creation. You tell us to ask, and we will receive, so I humbly ask that You prepare room for the animals that have stolen our hearts in Your holy Kingdom, O God. We ask all of this in Your Holy and Precious Name. Amen.

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