8 Beauty and Fashion Mistakes Mature Women Make… And How to Fix Them

Updated Oct 08, 2020
8 Beauty and Fashion Mistakes Mature Women Make… And How to Fix Them

When it comes to our looks, trying to keep up with Father Time can seem to be a losing battle. It’s not because there aren’t products, diets and procedures available to help “take off the years.” Goodness knows, 50 is the new 40 and, as a whole, our generation looks much younger in our later years than generations before us. And you have the money and time to dedicate to all of that, it is possible to look decades younger than the birth certificate shows.

But one of the things that prevents us from aging gracefully is our reluctance to let go of an image that may have worked for us when we were younger. I know that at one point, I could rock a spiral perm that was teased to the heavens. But… I’m pretty sure that look would not work in my favor today.

As burdensome as it may be, staying fresh and youthful requires us to re-examine our image and routines pretty much every decade… and adjust accordingly.

Our skin, hair and bodies all change over time, and the way we take care of and adorn ourselves should too.

If you are in a beauty and fashion time warp, don’t worry. Small changes can make big differences. We are here to talk about some common mistakes and how small tweaks can let your inner and outer youth shine!

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I once heard an interview with a very elegant older woman. She was asked, “what is the secret to looking young and stylish?”

Her response was something to the effect of...

“Don’t worry about trying to fight wrinkles. For the most part, they are genetic and there’s only so much that you can do to erase them permanently. What you really want to focus on is great hair and great shoes. That is what people really notice, so as long as you take care of those and your figure, pretty much anything else goes. “

How refreshing! But how do you keep those luxurious locks from your youth? Chances are, your hair is probably changing. It may be getting a little dry, thin and brittle and you really shouldn’t be caring for it, cutting it or coloring it the same way that you did when you were younger.

These are some of the hair traps that we tend to fall into. Don’t worry though. If you need an update, there’s hope!

1. Failing to Change Products and Care Routines

Your hair is likely very different than years ago, so you probably need to update your products and the way you care for your hair.

If you suffer from dryness, hair loss, weakening, slower growth and reduced shine, there are things that you can do to help. Check out these recommendations and get back some of that strength and luster that you used to love.

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2. Keeping the Same Cut for Decades or Going too “Elderly”

As with most things, extreme in either direction is not good. That means don’t try to pull off the same look that scored you your husband all those years ago… but don’t go for the weekly wash and set either. Something in the middle is much more modern and flattering!

A great cut, and in some cases color, can actually shave years off. When you use the cut to hide and/or distract from aging facial features, you may have trouble convincing people that you haven’t gone under the knife. Look at these amazing transformations from the Daily Mail and be inspired!

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3. Not Adjusting the Way We Color

Let’s face it, hair color is chemically-based and our aging hair may be more vulnerable to those harsh solutions than our younger hair was. However, with a little TLC, you can still color regularly. These tips from Allure help us to fix color mistakes such as:

– Coloring damaged hair

– Washing too often

– Straying too far from natural color

– Using the wrong styling products

– Going too dark, light or bright

– Being too obvious with highlights

If we follow these tips, maybe we can all age as gracefully as Christie Brinkley!

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4. Fighting the Grey too Hard

At some point, you may decide that you simply want to embrace your grey. After all, it is the hot color of the moment and many of the cool kids are paying big money to go silver. If that is the direction you want to go, there are ways to grow it out without having to cut it off and start all over. What Every Woman Needs explains a whole list of options.  It boils down to finding a good stylist… one that you trust… to walk you through the process and help you figure out the best way to transition stylishly.

5. Not Addressing Hair Loss

For a woman, our hair is our crown. And it can be a scary day when we start to notice thinning and bald patches. The good news is that there are things to try that could help to minimize the effects of balding. First, look for products containing minoxidil, which stimulates hair growth. You might also check into Derma-rolling. While originally developed to help with various skin ailments, some dermatologists and medical professionals are claiming to see results with those suffering female and male pattern baldness.

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Just as skin care, hair care and fashion choices should all evolve with more birthdays, so should our makeup choices and techniques. Dryer skin, droopy eyelids and thinning lips all call for a new makeup approach. Here are some common makeup mistakes and some fabulous fixes too!

1. Using the Same Color Palette That You Used Several Decades Ago

The Dynasty days are over.

2. Being too Heavy-Handed

Scale back on the foundation, eyeliner and lipstick to keep makeup from settling into wrinkles and making features look smaller.

3. Matching Makeup to Your Outfit

A peach colored top does not have to mean peach lipstick. Try a soft pinky-brown instead. And just say no to blue eyeshadow!

4. Going Dramatic with Every Feature  

Choose one (eyes or lips) and go soft on the others.

5. Over or Under-Plucking Eyebrows

Keep them nicely groomed and fill in sparse spots lightly with a pencil or powder.

6. A Mask-Like Cakey Base

Instead of a heavy foundation, try a tinted moisturizer that provides light coverage and a beautiful glow.

Visit 40 Plus Style for many more great tips.

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7. Poorly Applied Eyeliner with a Skipping or Uneven Line

Try a blendable liquid or gel eyeliner to keep from having to tug at your fragile skin.

Jillee At One Good Thing has more valuable tips for you here.

8. Neglecting to Adjust Your Makeup When You Wear Glasses

If you wear glasses on a regular basis, different rules apply to your makeup application. And your tweaks may be different, depending on if you are near or far-sighted.

Heather, from “Awesome over 50”, is here again to walk us through her tips. Her suggestion to wear shadow primer has made all the difference for me! No more creasy eyeshadow!

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We hope that you gained some tips that you can use to help keep you fresh and sassy into your next decade. We are all in this together, so let’s support each other and let that inner—and OUTER—beauty shine!

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Originally published Monday, 05 October 2020.