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A Prayer for Peace When You’re Having a Hard Time Pausing
By Keri Eichberger 

“Now then, stand still and see this great thing the LORD is about to do before your eyes!” - 1 Samuel 12:16

There’s something I don’t always like to admit. But truth be told, I’m a get-stuff-done kind of girl. I try to take matters into my own hands in hopes of moving toward making things happen. Because when I know what I want, or think I need, it just seems natural to me to start stepping, sometimes running, in the direction that appears will get me there.

Like the time I had a miscarriage in my mid-twenties and was absolutely relentless to get pregnant again. Or my post-college “single” season when I lived desperately to find a husband. Or a more recent lingering phase, a couple years ago, that I just knew God was calling me to write my first book, and I hardly even exhaled until I landed a publisher. Then continued the breathless racing through pushing the message out into the world. Honestly, my anxious or eager energy can consume and control any given day when tasks on my to-do list are lingering.

As a Christian this is quite embarrassing to confess. Because all this craziness sure does scream, “I believe I am in control of my life.” Even though my heart and soul know, have known for a long time, and what you may also be thinking right now… Girl, God is in control. And can you see the sweetness that’s missing when striving sneaks in and consumes these situations? It’s peace. Where is the peace in all this, right?

Well what about you? Can you remember a time when you had your heart set on something, and felt an almost uncontrollable sense to just make it happen? Maybe there’s something right now, a result or an outcome, that you have your eyes on, and if you were honest, you’d say you’ve held the reins pretty tight and steady, and haven’t slowed down with Jesus to get his take on the best approach. And if you have stopped and consulted with the Lord, maybe you’re finding you forget to return your eyes to him again and again, as anxious waves start to sweep over you and you try to run right past him. Consider this… When your peace begins to deplete, do you pause and seek a restoration of God’s refreshment and direction?

I’ll admit, I’ve come a long way. But, I still have a hard time pausing my hurried hands and surrendering to God‘s plans. I long for peace more than most things, though. And I’m not referring to the peace the world promises. That it can never fully provide. I’m talking about God’s permeating peace. Lingering, lasting peace of the soul. That’s what I long for. And no surprise, I suppose, for someone who struggles to slow down. I bet you yearn for peace too. Sure you do. I believe God created us this way. To deepen our need for him. To deepen our dependence on him. To deepen our relationship with him.

Friends, I’m learning more and more with each passing season of striving and struggle, that our good sovereign God is most certainly in control of every detail of everything that surrounds us. Everything we want, and everything we are working toward. That means if you feel that lack of, and longing for, peace, like I often do, we both should slow down and see him in our situation. Slow down and affirm our trust in him. Slow down and trust his almighty plan and purpose that will always prevail. Slow down, rest, and receive him.

Pause right now with me… And receive his peace. 

Let's pray:

Trustworthy Lord, You are sovereign over all things. You alone hold the power of my present, my future, and every single detail of what I do and what will happen to me. And your plans are always oh so good. How thankful I am that you have me, and everything all around me, in your perfect hands. Help me to still my heart, and slow down with you in your constant care. Help me release my striving, my agendas, my desires, all of it, to you. Trusting that you are who you say you are. Trustworthy. Faithful. All-powerful. Ever-present. I want to let your character, your truths, and your precious promises penetrate deeply into the recesses of my soul. Lord, you are the Prince of Peace, and I praise you. Your peace is the perfect gift and blessing, especially when I have a hard time pausing. But help me to do just that. To pause in your peace at this very moment, and to keep returning again and again. You are always right with me. Your peace is always available to me. I thank you. And I love you. In Your Son Jesus', bountiful name, amen.

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Keri Eichberger photoKeri Eichberger is a Jesus-loving Kentucky girl. She is married to her best friend, Mike, and has a full house of five kids. After years of writing for an online audience, Keri became ordained through Southeast Christian Church, giving her life to full-time ministry. She is the author of Win Over Worry: Conquer What Shakes You and Soar With the One Who Overcomes, and has a passion for sharing faith-filled encouragement through devotional writing. Connect with Keri at KeriEichberger.com or Instagram.

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Originally published Saturday, 09 March 2024.