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A Prayer for Moms Who Question Their Impact
By Laura Bailey

"Here is a boy with five small barley loaves and two small fish, but how far will they go among so many?" - John 6:9 NIV

Countless times throughout the day, I question if I am making a meaningful difference in my children's lives. Giving up my career, sacrificing financial security, forgoing the adult interaction I love, and even the luxury of using the bathroom without interruption, the choice to stay home with my children wasn't–and isn't-- easy.

As an achievement junkie, results queen, and task-list slayer, switching roles to a full-time mom was like wearing a new pair of shoes for the first time; I experienced a lot of discomfort before I broke into my motherhood shoes. Many things about motherhood are less than glamorous, but it's not the bottomless laundry pile, the endless demands of tiny humans, or the copious amount of cleaning that is the problem. Instead, it's the nagging lies that taunt me. Maybe you relate to these endless, swirling questions I replay.  

  • What if you gave up the things you loved and enjoyed in vain?
  • What if you're not even making a significant impact on your children? 
  • What if this is all a big waste of time? 

As a believer, I know everything has a purpose in God's economy. I believe God values family, and the impact of a godly, present mother is undeniable in the lives of children. God works through everyday people, often in unseen and ordinary places. So, when the lie creeps in that my role as "just a mom" is insignificant, that I am more valuable than "watching kids all day," I am reminded of the story in John 6:1-14 of the little boy and his lunch that Jesus used to feed over 5,000 people. The passage's focus often rests on the miracle of turning five loaves and two fish into enough to fill the bellies of thousands– rightly so. But I can't help but think about how the lunch got into the hands of the boy; someone had to pack it for him, and no doubt it was his mother. And if I was to put myself in her shoes, it might have been hard for her to send her son off to see this great teacher and stay home. But, because of her deep love and concern for her little boy, she made sure to meet his physical needs by packing a lunch, which provided a way for a miracle, meeting many people's spiritual needs.

Feeding her child was likely another thing on her list; perhaps she didn't even give it much thought. Yet, God extraordinarily used a mother's simple and routine care to touch millions of people, as this miracle is shared repeatedly. So, when doubt creeps in, shut it down with God's Truth. Happy Mother's Day! You are valuable, significant, and impactful not just today as you meet your children's physical needs but eternally as you share the Gospel through your faithful commitment to Christ.

Let's Pray:
Heavenly Father, thank you for the gift of motherhood. Too often, we don't realize the enormous blessing of being a mother; please help us as we learn to value our roles within the home. We pray for all mothers, when doubt creeps in, that they can quickly shut down the lies with the Truth from Your Word.

Help us, Lord, as we focus not on the seen but on the unseen. Guide our conversations, making the most of every opportunity with our children by birth and the others we impact beyond our home. Please, God, forgive us when we fail to obey, are ungrateful, or question your plan for our lives. Please give us patience and humility as we parent with You, not leaning on our understanding but entirely depending on the power of the Holy Spirit living within our hearts. We love you, Lord. In Jesus' Name, Amen. 

Photo Credit: ©GettyImages/Galina Zhigalova

Laura Bailey headshotLaura Bailey is a Bible teacher who challenges and encourages women to dive deep in the Scriptures, shift from an earthly to an eternal mindset, and filter life through the lens of God’s Word.  She is the author of Beyond the Noise, and loves any opportunity to speak and teach women of all ages. She is a wife and momma to three young girls. Connect with her on her website,  www.LauraRBailey.com, Facebook and Instagram.

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Originally published Monday, 08 May 2023.