Embrace the New Creation You Are - Wholly Loved - Jan. 4


Embrace the New Creation You Are
By Kristen Terrette

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!” 2 Corinthians 5:17

Only Jesus can turn that which was dead into something vibrantly alive.

Springtime allows us to watch this in action. The sun comes out after the long gloom of winter. The bare branches of the Tulip Poplar behind my house bud and grow green leaves, then explodes with gorgeous yellow and orange flowers. In fact, my whole backyard, an artful display from the Creator, bursts with color.

This is what happens when Christ comes into one’s life, saving them from an eternity in darkness.

Jesus enters our being and produces fresh, new life that abounds with all His attributes. His Spirit resides within us and helps us become more like Him. We live differently, and we’re blessed with the ability to share how He’s changing us from the inside.

Our new life is here to stay. Forever.

Others will notice our conversion experience and the changes it brings—the one who truly knows Jesus can’t remain unchanged. Those around us will watch the transformation that takes place in our hearts as bad habits vanish, negative attitudes disappear, and hopefulness spreads. All this and more testify of our new life, as we grow to know and understand Christ.

How have you changed since you accepted God’s salvation? Celebrate your new life, giving praise to God for His saving grace. Live your life honoring the new creation you are.

Kristen Terrette holds a Master's degree in Theological Studies and served as a Children's Ministry Director for five years. She cherishes her Southern roots and currently lives forty-five minutes outside of Atlanta, GA. She’s following her dream by writing Christian during the day and being a wife and mom come early afternoon when the family starts to arrive home. She serves on the Wholly Loved Ministries team, serves at her local church on the women's leadership and teaching team, and writes for Crosswalk.com. To see her blog and novels, check out her website at www.kristenterrette.com.

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Originally published Friday, 04 January 2019.