The Hidden Poison of Pride - Wholly Loved - June 17

Published: Jun 17, 2019

The Hidden Poison of Pride
By Christa Cottam

“Those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires.” Galatians 5:24

“Move it people! What’s wrong with you?!” my daughter’s voice shrieked from the back of our mini-van as we sat in the school drop off line. Though I instantly corrected her impatience, I cringed knowing she’d heard those same words from me. 

Troubled, I replayed the scene until I realized the root of my words—the attitude that I knew the “right" way and others didn’t, and that my time was more precious than everyone else’s.

My impatience stemmed from pride—my inflated sense of importance or superiority—that’s usually first harbored in my mind and ultimately displayed in my conduct.

The deeper I examined, the more I saw how much pride infected my life.

I struggled to admit when I was wrong and tried to hide my shortcomings. While I outwardly hid the sinful chaos in my heart, the truth was, I continually compared myself—my appearance, possessions, kids, talents, and intelligence—to others, indulging my selfish desire to pass judgment and assign worth to myself and everyone else. In essence, I was playing God.  

In Galatians five, Paul says those who belong to Christ have nailed their sinful desires to the cross and should follow the Spirit’s leading in every part of our lives. 

My daughter’s statement helped me see where I wasn’t allowing the Holy Spirit to lead me. As a result, I had a tendency to become idolatrous, jealous, selfish, and divisive. 

Wanting joy and patience to replace all the ugliness I’d allowed to grow within, I repented of my sin and surrendered to the Holy Spirit, and as I did, He filled me with His peace and love.

What fruit is being produced in your life? Ask God to make you aware of pride within your heart and for the strength to abandon your sin at His feet.

Christa Cottamis a spunky speaker and women’s ministry and worship leader with a fire in her belly to tell others about Jesus. She’s part of Wholly Loved Ministries speaking team, presents our radio devotions, and leads worship at Wholly Loved events, when needed. Visit her online at and find out more by reading her bio at the end of the book.

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Originally published Monday, 17 June 2019.