Jesus’ Whispers - Wholly Loved - October 15

Published: Oct 15, 2019

Jesus’ Whispers
By Kristen Terrette

“For the Lord will be at your side and will keep your foot from being snared.” Proverbs 3:26

When we know we’re seen, we’re less apt to feel afraid.

If I sit up just the right way in my bed, I can look down the hall and see the edge of my young son’s bed. Like most children, he comes into our room when he’s afraid of bugs, monsters, a commercial, or a random mix of things. Every time he voices these fears, I say, “Remember, I see you. I’m right here. You’re safe. I will never let anything hurt you.”

I imagine my son envisions me drawing my sword and fighting the angry monster under his bed, defeating him once and for all. But whatever battle scene plays in his mind, it usually concludes with him returning to bed with confidence that since I’m so close, he can sleep peacefully.

Jesus whispers these words to us as well. He’s by our side, always watching, loving, and protecting us. We can walk in confidence that whatever comes our way, He’s in the battle with us and can get us through any hardship we face. But we must open our heart and mind to Him.

I imagine myself clinging to His neck while He defeats the concerns that assault me.

We can count on the Lord being by our side. Therefore, we’re free to live with a bold and daring faith and a hopeful anticipation of what’s to come. Just as my son rests securely in the safety I provide him, we can rest under Christ’s protection.

Kristen Terrette holds a Master's degree in Theological Studies and served as a Children's Ministry Director for five years. She cherishes her Southern roots and currently lives 45 minutes outside of Atlanta, GA. She’s following her dream by writing Christian fiction during the day and being a wife and mom come early afternoon when the family starts to arrive home. She also serves on the Wholly Loved Ministriesteam, serves at her local church on the women's leadership team, and writes for To see her blog and novels, check out her website.

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Originally published Tuesday, 15 October 2019.