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"Most blessed is the (woman) who depends, relies and trusts in the Lord, whose hope and confidence the Lord is."
Jeremiah 17:7, Amplified Bible


Expectation #2 - The person will do what they say they will do.  The key word is: Dependable

"Dependable" - Reliable.  To place trust in for support and aid.

Whom do I depend on for support?

Is this person trustworthy - someone I can count on to be dependable?


"When you cannot trust (depend) on God you cannot trust (depend) on anything."
Basil King

If you were to look up the word dependable in the dictionary, next to the definition would be a picture of my mother - for she is the most dependable person I know.  She is also one of the busiest.  Why?  Because people know they can count on her.  If they ask her to do something, they know she'll do it when they ask but what's more, whatever the task is, it will be done correctly.  Recently, I called her house -- no answer.  I tried her cell phone - she answered. "Where are you," I inquired?  "I'm at the hardware store and I just left the paint store," she replied.  "I didn't know you were remodeling your house," I said.  "Oh, I'm not," she answered.  Then she informed me her church decided to remodel some older bathrooms that weren't handicap accessible.  They needed someone to head up the project.  They called on Mom.  Now mind you, although she acts like a twenty-year-old, she isn't.  She's not young.  What's more, she isn't a builder or a contractor. To be honest, her experience in construction has been limited to painting her daughters' bedrooms and putting wallpaper up on their walls.  But now, add "bathroom remodeler" to her résumé. She got the job done.  Correctly.  Perfectly.  Beautifully. Why?  I already told you.  She's dependable.  They called on the right person when they asked my mom to take on the project.

I've noticed that there are three characteristics found in dependable people:

            First -- They don't forget.
            Second -- They don't become discouraged.
            Third -- They don't give up.

I want to elaborate.  People you can depend on don't need you to be in their face in order to remember your need.  No one needs to call my mom and remind her what she needs to do.  She writes it down.  She keeps notes.  She doesn't forget.  Furthermore, my mom is like cork.  Try and push her down - she'll pop back up.  The word discouragement isn't in her vocabulary.  I don't think she even knows what it means.  And last, my mother is a little pit bull when she takes something on.  She locks onto whatever it is and sees it through - she never gives up.

Do you know who else is even more dependable than my mom?  It's our Heavenly Father.  He, too, doesn't forget.  He writes things down.  "Behold, I have indelibly imprinted a picture of you on the palm of each of my hands - you are continually before me." (Isaiah 49:16, Amplified).  God doesn't forget you. 

He never becomes discouraged with us either, for He tells us, "My mercy and loving - kindness are everlasting."  But that's not all.  God goes on to say in this same verse in Psalms 100: 5 (Amplified Bible), "My faithfulness (My dependability) endures to all generations."  God never gives up.  He won't let go of you as long as you want Him - period!

That's Someone we can really count on and depend on to come through for us in the good times as well as in the difficult times.

The dedicated preacher, Dwight L. Moody, who in his faith ministry had many opportunities to learn to depend on God, wrote:

"Trust (depend) on yourself and you are doomed to disappointment.  Trust (depend) on your friends and they will die and leave you.  Trust (depend) in money and you may have it taken away from you. Trust (depend) in your reputation and some slanderous tongues will blast it.  But trust (depend) in God and you are never to be confounded in time or in eternity." 

Are you looking for someone to depend on?  Someone you can count on to be there for you?  Your Heavenly Father has given you His world - "(She) shall call upon Me, and I will answer (her); I will be with (her) in trouble.  I will deliver (her) and honor (her).  Psalm 91: 15 (Amplified Bible).  God doesn't forget.  He won't become discouraged.  And He'll never give up.  He's someone you and I can depend on.

"The more we depend on God, the more dependable we find He is."
Sir Cliff Richard


"God is my father, a caring man who walks with me each and every day.  God is my mother, a gentle woman who embraces me in the midst of my turmoil and strife.  God is my sister, the little girl with whom I seem to always butt heads, but in the end I love as much as ever before.  God is my brother, stirring up my mind and making me question his actions and choices.  God is the spirit, the spirit in my soul that makes me shine.  God is the courage to share the word of Jesus.  That courage can only be found in putting total trust in God, because without a father, mother, sister, and brother, we are lonely and afraid in the face of the evil ways of the world."
Jamie Bennett, age 17
Mercy Academy, Louisville, KY

Your friend,
Dorothy Valcarcel, Author
When A Woman Meets Jesus

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