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"When Pharaoh heard of it, he sought to slay Moses. But Moses fled from Pharaoh's presence and took refuge in the land of Midian, where he sat down by a well." 
Exodus 2: 15, Amplified Bible


The Well of God's Provision

"Provision" - An act of supplying by foreseeing what is needed.

"And my God will liberally supply (fill to the full) your every need according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus." 
Philippians 4: 19, Amplified Bible


"Your Father knows what you need before you ask Him." 
Matthew 6: 8, New International Version

Life had been "charmed" we might say, for a handsome young man named Moses. Rescued from certain death by none other than the Princess of Egypt, he lived for 40 years in the lap of luxury - trained and tutored by Egypt's finest and brightest.

And then, in a moment of violent anger, Moses did the unthinkable. He killed a man. Seeing a fellow countryman being brutalized by an Egyptian taskmaster proved too much for Moses. His rage overcame him and he took vengeance on an enemy.

Thinking the man he stepped in to save would be grateful, you can only begin to imagine the shock Moses must have experienced when, finding two Hebrews fighting, he decided to try and break-up the brawl only to have one of his extended family members taunt him with these words: "Who made thee a prince and a judge over us? Intendest thou to kill me, as thou killest the Egyptian? And Moses feared, and said, ‘Surely this thing is known," (Exodus 2: 11 - 14, King James Version).

The secret was out. Moses may have buried in the sand the Egyptian he murdered, but the truth about what happened had not been buried.

When Pharaoh heard about the murder - an even bigger secret was out. His grandson, his daughter's child, was a Hebrew. I don't know if this was the first time Pharaoh found out the truth behind Moses' bloodline but it may well have been. And now Pharaoh knew for certain that Moses' heart was with the Hebrews. The result: There was a price on Moses' head. To save his life, Moses had to get out of town.

The Bible says he fled to Midian. But this isn't the whole story. Let's just imagine for a few moments what this trip out of Egypt was like for Moses. First of all, I'm certain as he left Egypt, he didn't have time to pack up all his fancy royal clothes and jewelry. It's likely, once he knew the tale of his murderous behavior had leaked out, he left without ever returning to the palace for fear of his life. No goodbyes to his royal mom. No goodbyes to his Hebrew family in Goshen. No planning ahead - just a flight by foot into the desert. We have to assume he was able to take some water and food but how much and for how long it lasted is not known.

This once pampered royal heir was plodding through sandy, desert winds and stumbling over rocks as he made his way to a strange place. I don't know about you but I would have been very depressed by the situation. I would have been mad at myself, too. My conversation with myself might have sounded something like this: "Well, girl, look what you've done now. You have messed things up so badly this time. You're going to end up living like a hermit in the rocks. And you've had it so easy up to this time. How in the world do you think you're going to survive out here in the wild? I bet some animal kills you."

Talk about a sorry situation. I would have been frightened and felt forgotten. But so often, in these most devastating situations, the Bible uses the simple little word, "And."

Something happens - we think it is the end of the story, "and" God jumps in. "And" God sees. "And" God hears. "And" God provides! Don't you just love it! "And" this is exactly what God did for Moses. "And" he sat down by a well," (Exodus 2: 15, K.J.V.). God provided! Not only water but as we continue to read, the seven daughters of the priest of Midian showed up to water their father's flock of sheep and because Moses generously helped the women, they took him home where their father gave him bread. One of the daughters, Zipporah became his wife; "and" the Bible says "Moses was content to dwell there," (Exodus 2: 21, K.J.V.).

He had been run out of Egypt. Fled into the desert without a place to call home "and" God had planned ahead and provided. God provided water, food, family, and a home for Moses. "And" Moses was content for 40 years in Midian because he was living with what God provided.

Don't fear for the past, for today, or for the future. The God of Moses has already provided for you. All you have to do is go to His Well of Provision. But as Suzanne Ezell says, "Lay down your teaspoon…go to the well with the biggest container you can find." His provisions are that abundant. He'll meet your every need.

"God restored me for a season that I might know the more 
Of His loving plan and purpose which, as yet, are in His store. 
I sense His hand will bring forth change 
In attitude and state. 
He'll teach me greater stillness; 
My whole life recreate. 
I cannot tell what lies ahead - what's just beyond my view - 
But I know what e'er may come My Lord will see me through!" 
Thelma Bailey 
(Thelma suffered from a muscular wasting disease, but her faith enabled her to play an active part in her local community.)

God Our Provider

"Providing God of the wheat in the desert, 
You nourish our lives. 
Sustaining God, you sent food for your people - 
You supply all our needs. 
With honey from the rocks you fed them - 
Your presence is joy. 
God of the manna from heaven, 
You are bread for our souls. 
Refreshing God of the rain and the dewfall, 
You revive the land. 
God of the rock and the river, 
Your love overflows. 
Our God, you are healing and cleansing - 
Renew us in you. 
God of the crystal waters, 
The water of life. 
Lord Jesus, by your life you feed us, 
For you are our bread.  
Lord Jesus, by your body broken 
Our souls are fed. 
River of life-giving water, 
Refresh and renew. 
Creator, Savior and Spirit, 
We thirst for you." 
Community of St. Francis 
Women's Uncommon Prayers 

Your friend, 
Dorothy Valcàrcel, Author
When A Woman Meets Jesus

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