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Pearls of Grace - September 27, 2016

Published: Sep 27, 2016

September 27

Emptied to Fill

 “He must increase, but I must decrease.”

  John 3:30

From the time the Lord saved me I have had a heart to help people; to give them Jesus.  For years I struggled in my feebleness to “save” everyone and be some sort of spiritual hero in the lives of others.  My fleshly attempts were soon overwhelmed by the neediness of people, for it was much more than I had bargained for.  Soon I found out people are hurting and struggling with big life issues and I was powerless to help them.  I grew weary very quickly. I felt obligated to do something; anything to relieve suffering and make life better for those who were struggling.  My heart was right it just wasn’t ready!  My heart’s intentions were pure but pure motives were not enough.   Before I could help anyone,  God was  going to have to help me! 

It wasn’t long before God began to speak to me these same words over and over again; “Until you have emptied out all of you I cannot fill you with Me”…and, “Until you are truly desperate to be filled with me you will remain full of yourself”!   Arriving at this place of emptiness was, and still is, a difficult continuous journey for me.  Emptying ourselves of us will always ensure a battle with your flesh and it will never come easy.   As I began to seek God, asking Him how to empty me of myself, He began answering with a simple:  “YES!” - “Yes what Lord?”  “Yes to Me and to My ways!”  Very simply put, beloved, every time I or you say ‘yes’ to God we are emptying more of us out.   Every time we say ‘no’ to God we are filling our vessels with ourselves.  ‘Yes’ to God means emptying of self, ‘no’ to God means filling of self.   Simple but powerful life lessons for each of us who desire to be filled with Him.  

I strive daily to empty myself of any and all pride,  that I might be filled with humility, to be emptied of fear, that I might be filled with courage. I must be emptied of self’s strength, that I might become weak and totally dependent on Him. Emptied of earthly reasoning that I might be filled with His wisdom and emptied of self-reliance, that I might become totally dependent on Him.  There is no room for me if God is going to come in and fill my life.  Making the decision to press forward in a sincere faith to be pleasing to Him in all things, is a start in the right direction to becoming an empty vessel that He can fill and use for His glory.

What have you filled yourself with, beloved?  What do you need to empty out today? To recognize that in us dwells no good thing except Christ, who was crucified for us, is the first step to tipping our vessel over that we can begin pouring us out.   It’s only then we can begin filling other empty vessels who so desperately need Jesus.  

Empty me that I might be filled with you.

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Originally published Tuesday, 27 September 2016.