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Pearls of Grace - September 15

Published: Sep 15, 2021

September 15

The Ermine

"… DO NOT TOUCH WHAT IS UNCLEAN; And I will welcome you."

2 Corinthians 6:17

A year or so ago I discovered the story of a little animal called the Ermine. I had never heard of an Ermine before so I was intrigued with what I was reading. This little creature is part of the weasel family and makes its habitat in the northern regions of Europe. It’s covered with soft snow white fur with the exception of a black tip on the end of its tail. It measures only about 5 to 10 inches in body length. These beautiful tiny creatures are prized by hunters for their fur which is used to make women’s coats and other things. This fur is also used for the trimming found around the robe of judges because it’s symbolic of purity and honor. When looking closely at the habits of the Ermine you come to realize why this symbolism is so prized.

The Ermine takes great pride in its coat taking every precaution possible to keep its snowy white fur from being soiled. The Ermine is difficult for hunters to catch so they devised a plan around the Ermine’s lifestyle of cleanliness. They scout out the home of the Ermine and once it has left its den they will dirty the entrance way and around the outside of the entrance with filth from the earth. The hunting dogs will pursue the Ermine knowing it will head to its home in order to seek refuge. But a remarkable thing happens when the hunting dogs arrive at the entrance of the Ermine’s den; they find that the Ermine has not entered for safety but rather it is found trembling outside the door of safety. Why would the Ermine not run into the safety of its home to escape the jaws of death? Because the Ermine would rather die than soil its white coat.

What a striking life picture God has given to us through the life of a seemingly insignificant little weasel. Isn’t that just like God to use a weasel to challenge us to a commitment of purity? If we would guard our purity in such a way, deeming it as more precious than life itself, O the wonders God would do through us. Sin doesn’t pass in and out of lives without leaving its mark upon us. Sin soils our lives, ruins our testimony before others and brings dishonor to the robes of righteousness we have been given by God. Yet God promises to be a Father to us which is monumental but it comes with a calling, a calling to come out and be separate from the world. God, the Almighty makes a promise to the woman who will dare to step forward and declare to the world unashamedly, "I belong to God". And when this declaration is heard, God unashamedly thunders His answer through the corridors of Heaven, "And I belong to Her!"

Only you can validate your heart for God because only you can give your heart away, no one can take it from you. Your heart is the one thing you have that is completely yours to give or keep as you choose; it’s God’s gift to you. But remember that deep within your heart is a place that only He can fill and your heart will never be at home anywhere but with Him. You must make the choice to give your heart completely to Him by refusing to surrender it to anyone or anything else. You have been entrusted with the responsibility of guarding and keeping watch over it with all diligence keeping it pure and holy. How the Father searches for such a heart…a heart in waiting. He explores the depths and heights of His vast earth finding no rest until that heart is found, the heart keeping itself only unto Him, waiting in purity.

I know who i belong to because i know who belongs to me.

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Originally published Wednesday, 15 September 2021.