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Pearls of Grace - May 25

Published: May 25, 2022

May 25

Do the Next Thing

“…do not be anxious for tomorrow; for tomorrow will care for itself.”

Matthew 6:34

Whenever I do not know what to do I’m reminded of God’s Words to me, “Do the next thing.”  Elizabeth Elliot spoke these words to a gathering of women some years ago of which I was privileged to be among.  She shared with us the account of when her husband and two other men were violently murdered by the Auca tribe in 1956, while trying to bring them the gospel message.  There, alone in their thatched roof home in the steamy jungles of Ecuador with three small children, feeling alone, frightened, and in absolute despair she cried out to the One who had brought them there.   “Father, oh Father, I don’t know what to do.” 

How tenderly she recalled the words that her heavenly Father whispered to her grieving heart that day.  “Elizabeth, do the next thing.”  She explained that these words held her in times of uncertainty and when waves of grief would sweep over her soul they would settle the winds of sadness.  Whenever she needed strength to keep going, her Father’s Words would speak afresh to her heart, “Do the next thing.”  Whether it was praying, changing diapers, cooking, or reading a bedtime story to her children, she would do the next thing, whatever need the moment presented. 

It has been many years since she spoke those words for me to hear that day, but they steady me, even in this moment.  Whatever we are facing, whatever we have faced or will face in the distant future, the power of this truth will hold you steady.  How often God speaks simplistic truths that are deeper than any ocean of theology, and more powerful than any words the greatest of orators could speak.  “Do the next thing.”  Can you hear the Father even now speaking these words to any of His children who are bewildered, crushed, or in despair? To any crying out the same words that Elizabeth Elliot cried out that day; “Father, oh Father, I don’t know what to do.” Only He can speak words that can comfort even the heart of a grieving widow deep in the heart of the jungle, for He is the song of the widow’s heart.  The song that sings to the aching soul, hold steady until the morning light child, and “do the next thing.” 

The greatest thing about me is not my past, it’s my future.

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For more from Pam Jenkins and Jabbok Ministries, please visit www.jabbokministries.com!

Listen to Pam Jenkins's daily broadcast on OnePlace.com.

For more from Pam Jenkins and Jabbok Ministries, please visit www.jabbokministries.com!

Listen to Pam Jenkins's daily broadcast on OnePlace.com.


Originally published Wednesday, 25 May 2022.