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Pearls of Grace - May 14

Published: May 14, 2022

May 14

A Love Story

“When Israel was a youth I loved him, And out of Egypt I called My son.”

Hosea 11:1

In so many ways the words of Hosea are some of the most beautiful in all of the Old Testament. It is a very real love story.  It is the story of a marriage shattered by unfaithfulness and the devastation it brings into the life of the one betrayed.  Yet every page, though written with the pen of sorrow, pulsates with the unrelenting love of God.   Hosea’s life voices the story of the persistence of God in pursuing His child, even into the pit of deepest sin.  God never gives up, He never let’s go, and absolutely never forsakes the one He has set His love upon.  This is the message proclaimed through the life of Hosea, protected for thousands of years by the very guards of Heaven so you and I could penetrate its beauty for our lives today. 

We all have a love story with God if we are His child.  The scene of how God courted my soul is still very vivid in my mind.  I was but 17 years of age when I first responded to the wooing of God.  I had felt His presence throughout my childhood years, even recognizing His small still voice speaking to my heart in such tenderness and in a way that my child-like mind could understand.   He made me aware of His existence and of His love for me.  I knew it was Him because it was as if my soul had already known Him before my mind even became aware of His reality.  He was new yet all familiar to me.   He began courting my heart long ago and even now my heart beats in fullness of joy at the thought of Him.  The Lord became my soul-mate just a few months before I turned 18 and even now, at the age of 50, I can say He is still the love of my life and strangely enough, I am still His.  

There are many great love stories that have been penned throughout the history of mankind which have been recorded for us to read.  Hosea most definitely would be among the greats.  But the greatest love story you could ever read would be the story of you and God.  Your love story with Him continues to be written even now.  And some day, as the final line is written, your hand will reach upward and the love of your life will lay hold of it and pull you to Himself for all eternity.

Can the world read the love story of you and God?

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For more from Pam Jenkins and Jabbok Ministries, please visit!

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Originally published Saturday, 14 May 2022.