Pearls of Grace - June 24

Published: Jun 24, 2022

June 24 

He Holds Time in His Hand

“…With the Lord one day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.”

II Peter 3:8

Have you ever felt as though God were passing you by?  That the time ship was speeding along,  passing you by because you weren’t even on board?   This was one of those moments for me as I knelt before the Lord that morning, unloading my burdens at his feet, feeling like a complete and utter failure at 42 years of age, wondering where the time had gone, and assured in my heart that there would be very little more of it for me in the future.  Being in the deep pit of despair that I had thrown myself into, I pretty much had myself dead and buried at that moment, a life spent with nothing left that I could possibly give God for I just knew that it was too late.  All the “what ifs” were rolling over me like mighty waves of despair, my mind racing with doubts, with questions of “what have I really done for the Lord and for His Kingdom?”

There I was, having poured myself into a big pathetic heap of misery onto the floor before my Lord.   What was He to do with me?   I stayed there for a while, too miserable to get up, with tears streaming steady, until I heard God speak in such a deep and personal way; “One day is as a thousand years in my sight.”  He kept repeating it over and over to my heart; “One day is as a thousand years in my sight.”  He had understood my grief; He had heard my hearts cry.  And He had answered.

As these words of His fell upon my ears, they went straight to the deepest part of my heart, for His Word pierces even into our very marrow.  I knew it was His voice, for I am His sheep and I know, I recognize His voice for it is like none other.  These words were life to me at that very moment, for they began to dry my tears and all grief was washed away just as quickly as it had come.  God revealed to me that in just one day He could do more with my life than I could if I were given a thousand years (365,000 days).  Time is not a restraint for God, for time stands still in His presence.  It doesn’t matter how little time we may have left, it is an eternity in His hands.  He is the time holder, He is not bound by it, He is not limited to it, He is not worried over it, and He will not waste one minute of it.

You may be reading this saying, “Pam, you just don’t know how old I am?”  If I were there with you I would say, “Little is much when God is in it, and one day is as a thousand years in His sight.”  Just think what we could do in a thousand years!  God can do even more in just a day!  This truth is not meant to make us complacent, but rather the opposite, to know that it is never too late.  It is meant to fuel the flame God has lit within us. Those precious later years when the sun is setting in, our lives can be the years of God’s greatest light shining through.  

Give me one day Lord, for with You it is enough.

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Originally published Friday, 24 June 2022.