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Pearls of Grace - January 22

Published: Jan 22, 2022

January 22

What’s Really Important

"And in as much as it is appointed for men to die once and after this comes judgment."

Hebrews 9:27

In his final hours of life John Cowper, a gifted and genius literary, spoke these words of deepest regret; "I have labored day and night to perfect myself in things of no profit. I have sacrificed myself to these things and am now suffering the consequences of my misspent labor. I wanted to be highly applauded and was flattered up to the height of any wishes. Now I must learn a new lesson." Here was a man who was described by his colleagues as one of the most classic and liberal thinkers they knew yet his death bed revealed he died with a regretful need for truth. All things, in the end, will lead us back to God. We begin our life with God with the first breath of life He pours into us at birth and with our last breath our soul will be poured back to Him. When eternity is at hand it will not matter the gifts or accolades we received; they will vanish in the shadows of the Almighty of Whom we have to do.

When a home, city, country or people group is out of order, out of alignment with the counsel and truth of God’s Word, it will bring forth misery. God will have a universal reign at His appointed time no matter what belief we may cling to. The opinion of philosophers, politicians, government bodies, religious groups or any other power or influence will not change this inevitable event; all will bow before a Holy Omnipotent God and confess Jesus is Lord of all! This is one unshakeable and unalterable truth. This appointed time is hastening toward us and it will not stall or thwart its destined course until it has brought about the very heart of God in all things. We are, at this hour, still under the canopy of mercy but this will not always be. We are moving closer and closer to the time when mercy will no longer be found; when the age of grace will be extinguished and the door of salvation sealed forever.

We must take a stand, anchor deep and press into what we know to be true about God. He is a God of love but His love is not blind to the sins of the world and deeper still is the truth that His eye is not blind to our personal sins. As with any generation, God will not strive with mankind forever. Even though His love is far reaching, immeasurable, deep and wide, it is not without accountability. There is a line drawn across the sands of time when the hour of grace will fade into the sunset of God’s love. But even in love He declares this to us beforehand so we can prepare, reach and sustain others. It’s with a holy awe and reverence that I type the words I believe God would have me to write out before you today because He has filled my heart with urgency. How great a love He has for us, but night is coming when no song will be heard.


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Originally published Saturday, 22 January 2022.