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Pearls of Grace - January 21

Published: Jan 21, 2022

January 21

The Marks that Love Leaves Behind

"For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen…"

Romans 1:20

She had been dead for some years but her presence was as fresh and real as the day they married. He struggled to even leave the house after his beloved wife of over 50 years had passed away. It was his refuge, his sweet meeting place of remembrance for her. Every room had the trace of her footprints, the scent of her presence, and the mark of her grace and beauty. Every piece in the house told a story, the story of her and their life together. Her touch lingered in the air, every picture and knick-knack resounded with undeniable proof of her existence and the woman she was. Everywhere he walked in the house she was there, precious memories echoing through every space flooding his heart with her. The words of her life resonated with sweet refrain surrounding the widower with comfort and celebration of who she was to him. He had but to look around about him in any direction to be lost in her. True love is eternal, unscathed by time, ever present and never hidden.

The greatest love story that has ever been is the love that God has for you. Since the beginning of creation God has been revealing the proof of His existence and surrounding you with His presence. He is everywhere, beloved, in every breath you take, ordering every step, hearing every word, searching out each and every thought. He has placed us upon the stage of His earth amid the backdrop of the heavens of His home. He speaks without words and moves us without touch or recognition. He’s the job we have, the food we eat, the clothes we wear and the ability to reason and think. He’s the strength discovered in our struggles, the sanity in the midst of our confusion. He’s the water in the storm clouds, the warmth of sunny skies, the roar of the thunderbolt, the brilliance of the night sky illumining from every star that He calls by name.

He’s the provision of the green laden hills where His cattle graze, the cry of a newborn, the song of the lark as he sings in the rain, the heartbeat of the dying, the friendships you have, the power of a touch, the ant of endless labor, the wind as it rustles through the leaves, the tears that fall upon our pillow, the whispers of our heart that no one hears but Him. He’s the song in the night for the widow. He’s everywhere, living and breathing, surrounding you with Himself. Even with such a powerful presence of Him given to us we still miss Him at times.

I have a precious friend, who was taking a Bible study that encouraged each student to record daily the evidence of God in their lives. She was somewhat discouraged, as she shared with me that she struggled to see God in her everyday living. I remember the afternoon that God made Himself very evident to her through a phone call she received that was exactly what she needed; so personal and perfectly timely. God’s presence fell like rain that day washing away all doubt and discouragement. As she shared this phone call with me I could see the light come on in her eyes as she realized in that moment that she had just experienced the realness of God. Sometimes we allow our problems to block our view causing us to miss Him.

God desires for us to see Him in everything. Sometimes He’s loud and vibrant, and other times He’s soft, tucked away in the shadows.

At times God all but whispers to our inner recesses and then at other times He roars! Take time to stop and look around, and in the stillness of recognition you will find Him.

You are everywhere that I am.

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Originally published Friday, 21 January 2022.