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Pearls of Grace - January 12

Published: Jan 12, 2022

January 12

From Rags to Riches

"Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of Heaven"

Matthew 5:3

The value and existence of blessings are not to be determined by what we see but rather by what we cannot see. Out of the unseen the blessings of God come forth. In His sermon on the mount, Jesus plainly gives us this foundational stone of truth when He taught, "Blessed are the poor in spirit". The spirit of lowliness is the unseen catalyst for God’s blessings. Self will look for the outward appearance of good and when it is not found can quickly be overcome with hopelessness and a sense of despairing trust that a better day is coming. But it’s the very things that are seen that can cause us to miss the blessings that come only from the unseen. It’s the unseen that God sets His gaze upon in order that He might establish what will be seen in the distant future. The truth is our eyes will deceive us most every time.

God longs to give us eyes of faith; eyes that lift from the natural and refuse to focus until the unseen emerges from the depths of the heart. It’s the heart’s inner focus that will order our steps in life. The outward things can change and be unstable but the things that cannot be moved will be those things that the natural eye may never lay sight of this side of Heaven yet is the anchor of the soul. We cannot explain such mysteries but one thing we can do, is choose to lift our eyes away from all the earthly and refuse to seek understanding or answers for them. When we come to this place God can open the eyes of our understanding inwardly. Hard to grasp isn’t it? But this is God! His ways are not our ways because they are higher and perfect; grander than we could ever imagine. But we must trust Him without boundaries.

When we reach this place where faith emerges upon the tablets of our hearts we will catch a glimpse of eternity! The Kingdom of God is discovered and pursued by faith and faith alone, never with the eyes! God’s greatest blessings are received from those points in life where we see absolutely nothing, having no assurances of certain outcomes, no answers to our questions and no explanations given. This is the ideal spot for God to begin digging into the inner recesses of our beings to cultivate a deeper trust between Him and His child. Intimacy is birthed in pain, trials and altogether hard places. It’s through the unexplainable that God will explain Who He is to us and in that marvelous revelation we will discover who we are to Him! Do you long for more of God? Then close your eyes of reasoning and let go of the need to understand. Only Heaven will disclose those hidden things to us as we find ourselves living in the land of the unseen!

There is coming a day of unbroken beauty, and uninterrupted dialogue of Holy Communion with God. And in that triumphant day we will stand as living proof that the poor in spirit are rich indeed!

Our emptiness will be His filling.

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Originally published Wednesday, 12 January 2022.