Pearls of Grace - February 20

February 20

Disarming Your Disturbances

"God is faithful, through whom you were called into fellowship with His Son, Jesus Christ our Lord."

I Corinthians 1:9

Spurgeon also said… "Men come and go, sons follow their sires to the grave, but the undisturbed mind of God moves on in unbroken serenity, producing ordained results with unerring certainty". There is no name for God more comforting to his child than the name El Elyon and no attribute that imparts more staying power than to know He is sovereign over your life. At times we will love this name while at other times our flesh may hate it. But no matter our emotional state, be it at peace or turmoil, El Elyon is seated in power. The events taking place around the world are not tousled, overwhelming, overpowering, perplexing or even confusing to El Elyon. He is in all and He rules all. The strength of His might and power are not hidden forever. He is the same in the noise of battle or in the quietness of peace. He appoints every moment of sorrow in our life and every pang of suffering that comes into our life. He ordains their beginning and establishes their end all the while commanding their results. The habitation of His throne is justice, strength, power, might, judgment, love, glory and grace.

Let me share a shouting truth with you! God’s power is not confined to our circumstances nor restrained by the positions of others. Let me write it again so you can hear it once more…GOD’S POWER IS NOT DEPENDENT UPON OUR CIRCUMSTANCES NOR RESTRAINED BY THE POSITONS OF OTHERS. As long as I have God in His proper place in my mindset then my circumstances, no matter how dire they may be, cannot rob me of my hope and trust in God’s future for me. How awesome and wonderfully faithful our God is to His children.

Even in the last days, God will be seated upon the throne. He is seated upon the throne even now and all is as it should be Beloved. No matter the storms, no matter the heartache or depth of sorrow, He reigns in love. Although He is powerful, El Shaddai, and He is Creator God – Elohim, He is El Elyon Who governs the entire universe in mercy and love. He wants us to know not only that He governs but how He governs. This will disarm the disturbances within your heart if you will apply it to each and every situation every day of life. This will take hostage your enemies of peace!

God makes even the bitter waters sweet for us, Beloved, and at the end of the day all will be just as it should be. We can trust Him with even our most treasured possessions. We can entrust our children into His hands of El Elyon knowing that His way is perfect for their lives and He will always be guiding, working, protecting, shielding, providing, loving and leading them in mercy and grace. We can trust Him when we lose our home or our job because He is not limited by our circumstances. Nothing is out of His reach and He is able! The God with whom we have to do is enough for us precious one. He’s enough for our children, our family, our spouses, co-workers, neighbors…and our everything.


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