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Pearls of Grace - December 4

Published: Dec 04, 2021

December 4

Waste Not Want Not

"… making the most of your time, because the days are evil"

Ephesians 5:16

Every morning the faithfulness of God draws back the curtain of the starry host allowing the sun to radiate through upon the face of His vast creation. His brilliance is marvelously glorious as He makes all things new every morning. The old has passed, and there He sets before us a fresh beginning. In all of its beauty and newness there are endless possibilities for the soul to venture upon and countless decisions to be made by the heart. It matters not what choices we made yesterday for it is past. The greatest choice we make each day is: "How will I spend the resources today that God has given me? To what or whom will I give myself to today?" This is a life and death decision, beloved creation of God. Every decision, every purpose of the heart will either be a choice of life spiritually, or death spiritually because there are those precious commodities that God gives us that are a one-time offering.

Three things that we, once they are gone, can never get back: Time, Word & Opportunity. There are three things in life that can destroy a person: Anger, Pride & Unforgiveness. Redeeming the time means, seizing each day with a renewed determination of expending all of our resources for the things that will count for eternity. It’s a steadfast spirit that clings to nothing in the past and counts on nothing in the future upon the earth. It lives in the moment. Jim Elliot said, "Wherever you are, be all there." It’s intentional living, embracing the moment set before you for the good of heaven. It’s saying yes to God in all things from the rising of the sun until the setting at eve. It’s living for heaven!

Today I pray you will pour out the Living God into the lives of those around you. That you will be a refreshing spring for those who are thirsty and weary from all that life has thrown at them. May you be a healing balm of comfort for the sin sick soul, and may the love of God within you bind up the broken hearts you encounter today. People are in search of the Lord. May they find Him in you today because they may not have tomorrow.

Living in the light of eternity will find, as its end reward upon this earth, a heart of no regrets.

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Originally published Saturday, 04 December 2021.