Pearls of Grace - August 15

Published: Aug 15, 2022

August 15


"…God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself…"

2 Corinthians 5:19

The work of the Father cannot be separated from the work of Christ. They are always about the same business, fulfilling the same mission. There is, on record, a story of how a tribe of North American Indians, who roamed in the neighborhood of Niagara, offered year by year, a young virgin as a sacrifice to the spirit of the mighty river. She was called the bride of the falls. The lot fell one year on a beautiful girl who was the only daughter of an old chieftain. The news was carried to him while he was sitting in his tent; but on hearing it the old man went on smoking his pipe, and said nothing of what he felt.

On the day fixed for the sacrifice, a white canoe full of ripe fruits and decked with beautiful flowers, was ready and waiting to receive "the bride". At the appointed hour she took her place in the frail bark, which was pushed out into mid-stream where it would be carried swiftly toward the mighty cataract. Then, to the amazement of the people, which had assembled to watch the sacrifice, a second canoe was seen to dart out from the river’s bank a little lower downstream. In it was seated the old chieftain. With swift strokes he paddled toward the canoe in which sat his beloved child. Upon reaching it he gripped it firmly and held it fast. The eyes of both met in one last long look of love; and then, close together, father and daughter, were carried by the racing current until they plunged to their deaths. In their deaths they were not divided. The father was in it with his child!

Lettie Cowman

This was the heart of God as His Son walked up the lowly road of Calvary. This was the love of the Father displayed through the sacrifice of His son, His only Son. God was in Christ reconciling you and I to Himself. This love drives the heart of God in every word, in every deed and thought toward you because you are His treasure, His heart’s delight,..His beloved daughter. The heart of God cannot be separated from the heart of His child. His love for you precious one is always sacrificial. His love cannot fail.

The Father is in it with His child.

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Originally published Monday, 15 August 2022.