Pearls of Grace - April 25

April 25

The Love of God

“…I have loved you with an everlasting love…”

Jeremiah 31:3

The greatest force upon the face of the earth is love.  We were designed to know love, experience love, give love, carry love and acknowledge love.  God created us in an atmosphere of love and security, in a garden of provision, free from the want of anything else but what He Himself had given.  It was in this place, this most perfect place where there was no conflict, no competition, no other sources to run to, that God breathed life into woman for the first time.  The Garden of Eden, still drenched in the newness of life, enveloped mankind roundabout with the glory of God.  His fingerprints were everywhere, above, below, and even upon them.  His existence and power was never a question for man or woman to ponder.  He was their sole counsel, sole object of worship and source of everything.  He was all they had.  The fullness of life, He would provide.  

God created us in His perfect design  and He would be all we would ever need.  This is the bed of newness, the womb of life for every daughter of God.  He made us to only need Him.  When we come to know and live in the presence of this reality, we begin to live in the security and anchorage of God.  The moveable becomes immoveable when placed in the hands of the Almighty One, the One who is love.  In a world that demands performance, and even conformity as a prerequisite to acceptance, we by nature find ourselves living in fear.  Fear of rejection and fear of loveless living.  We all want to be loved and accepted just as we are no matter who we are and no matter what we do or have done.  But the reality of this need is we will never find this kind of love in people.  Earthly relationships, no matter how wonderful and joyous, can never fill the deep cavern of the heart, a reservoir hollowed out by the hand of God to hold His all sufficient love. 

Like every other little girl, I longed for attention and love so much that I often misbehaved intentionally to get it.  Although I didn’t understand it at the time, what I was most desperate for was to feel absolutely safe and secure.  I was fearful as a child, and even now as an adult I struggle with this same daunting fear at times when my eyes are not focused upon the truths of God’s Word and who He is.  Security comes when fear is gone.  God teaches us that “perfect love casts out fear”.  I was desperate for this “perfect love” at any cost.  Not knowing the source from which this love flows, I went in search of it, in all the wrong places.  My life took the road of fleshly desire trying to fill the great void in my life that I did not even know existed.  I needed love, God’s love.  

Each and every one of us are God’s design.  We are intentionally created to be different from one another but we all have a very common ground; we all need the security found only in the love of God made available to us through His Son, Jesus Christ.  Until this need is met, we will continue on with meaningless pursuits surviving but not truly living.  God has so much more for you and for me.  I pray we won’t settle for the world’s idea of security and love but that we will reach forward with all our might, heart and soul, refusing to surrender until we have laid hold of the unconditional, all securing love of the Heavenly Father. 

Your love, oh God, is all my soul hath need of.

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