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Pearls of Grace - April 21

Published: Apr 21, 2022

April 21

The First Sound of a Beating Heart

“Then  the LORD God formed man of  dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being.”

Genesis 2:7

What a moment of unspeakable anticipation that must have flooded the heart of God in this finality of His world.  No sound like this had ever been heard nor would be heard again no matter how many untold ages would pass. It’s strange and unidentifiable at first but then, there is no doubt there is a sound, an undeniable noise breaking the silence of creation. It’s the beating of the heart of man.  A heart beat began to rise from the dust of the ground as Holiness bent down upon Sovereign knee and blew the breath of Himself into the form of common clay.  Who could contain Him?  What response would this lifeless form release into the newness of God’s atmosphere?  There were no words, no profound eruptions of praise, only a faint sound pulsating, resonating with a rhythm as if keeping time with another.  

This scene try as I may, I cannot begin to fathom the beauty of wonder of this encounter.  How did man’s relationship begin with God?  When did mankind first know God?  Ponder on this while I share with you some beautiful truths I’ve come to learn over years of study and research.  I want to weave a tapestry of God’s work over you  if you’ll permit to indulge me for just a few moments.

There’s a profound truth about the many mysteries still unsolved concerning the human heart.  When one heart tissue, even though beating to its own unique rhythm, is brought next to another beating heart something miraculous occurs.  They begin to change their rhythm until only one beat is heard; until a perfect unison of life is pulsating; one heart listening for the beat of another so it may follow suit.  But it must be close enough to catch the rhythm, near and intimate, if it’s going to know life. It’s as though God took this word, this act of creation and hollowed out a treasury to hold a most priceless truth.  In the beauty of this word, God has captured who He is to us; The Potter. 

It’s this relationship that God is establishing right from the very beginning of time as we see the Ancient One, the One who stores up the thunder bolt, ice and rain.  The Mighty God who harnesses the wind at the sound of His voice and with His very breath canyons are carved, and at His Word mountains stand tall.  Yet where do we see the powerful God when it comes to mankind?  We see Him bending down, stooping to draw His heart up next to the heart of man.  He wants to awaken the heart that He has fashioned after His own likeness; to set it in perfect rhythm with His own.  Within this earthen vessel He is going to breath all of Himself into the hallow of man’s being.  Face to face, heart to heart. 

This is how man’s journey of life began; with God before Him, the sound of His beating heart over Him.  It’s just as we saw God at the beginning of creation isn’t it?  Only this time, God doesn’t speak for the man to come to life, He breathes into his nostrils the breath of life; His breath…His life.  And when man opened His eyes it was not creation God wanted Him to see.  It was His face.  This was man’s first sight and the first sound man heard.   It was the beating of Sovereignty, the beating of Jehovah resounding an undeniable truth: God is near.

Face to face, heart to heart.

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Originally published Thursday, 21 April 2022.