Pearls of Grace - April 18

Published: Apr 18, 2022

April 18

Good in Thy Sight

“…as it pleased the potter to make.”

Jeremiah 18:4

There was a man visiting a school one day for the deaf and blind.  During his visit to one of the classrooms he gave a question to the children to think about:   “Why has God made some to hear and speak, and made others deaf and even blind?”  This harsh yet thought provoking, question brought a sense of hushed reality, as the children pondered this heart wrenching question.  After some moments had passed a little girl, eyes full of tears stood up and made her way to the blackboard.  Grasping the chalk in her hand she wrote confidently these powerful words: “Even so, Father, for so it seemed good in Your sight!”

How powerful this truth did emerge, not from a scholar or person of great intellect or prominent position, but from the heart of a little child.  A child who though could not see, saw what most will never gaze upon in their lifetime of seeing.  For the deep truths of God are not seen with the natural eye but rather through the spiritual eyes of childlike faith.  Tragedies of life are too often questioned in the heart of flesh looking for reasons, for understanding, for purpose or meaning oftentimes leaving us empty and void of peace.  May we grasp the truth here set upon us and resound in confident reply to every question that rises itself against our souls:  “Even so, Father, for so it seemed good in thy sight”.

Yielding to the potter’s hand will a vessel of honor make; a vessel of glory, beauty and praise to its maker, for so it seemed good for Him to make.  Yielding into the Father’s hand will lay your soul into a place of sweetest peace.  The fire cannot consume the gift that is not laid upon the altar.  May the flames of heaven burn all the stronger until all is consumed for the Master’s glory.  Let me leave you with this thought, precious one:  “Will not the judge of all the earth do what is right”?  How would your heart answer that question today in the midst of your circumstances?  

May I be found pliable in the potters' hands, for He makes no mistakes.

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Originally published Monday, 18 April 2022.