Pillar People - NIV Devotions for Mom - Week of July 8

Pillar People

Verse:   Galatians 2:9  

Additional Scripture Readings:

Acts 15:32

 Hebrews 10:24

In Galatians 2:9, Paul refers to Peter (Cephas), James and John as “pillars.” They were the earliest leaders of the church. They encouraged it, and they protected it against heretical teaching.

Pillars support. They undergird and uphold. One of the major tasks of a mother is to give her children support. Here’s how:

  • Program your children for success. What you want them to be, tell them they are.
  • Expose your children to people you admire. If you surround your children with those you admire—youth group leaders, teachers, baby-sitters, relatives—you can provide a “stereo” version of value-training.
  • Tell, tell, tell your children what they are doing right. Lavish sincere words of praise on your children, whatever their age.
  • Teach your children to become pillars to others. Encourage them to invest praise and encouragement in the lives of their friends.

It’s not hard to be a pillar of support for our children. Like most of us, they are waiting to be encouraged.

This devotion is from the NIV Mom's Devotional Bible by Zondervan. Used with permission.

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