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Published: Sep 25, 2023

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“Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor have entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who love Him.” –1 Corinthians 2:9 (NKJV)

On a recent sunny day, I prayed as I drove to my dentist’s office.

I asked God to provide a parking space in the very small office parking lot because the chances of every spot being taken are always high and I didn’t want to risk my car being towed if I parked in a nearby restricted lot. 

As I drove in, it appeared full and I said aloud, “Oh no. But I prayed! Where, Lord, is my space?” 

Feeling defeated, I briefly pondered taking the risk of restricted parking. But before I made that decision, I felt prompted to take a closer look. I turned left and drove into the center of the circular lot and then as I drove past a few big SUVs I saw it: an open space that fit my car! 

Overjoyed, I successfully parked and continued to my appointment. God used this experience as a teachable moment. I realized that frequently, we can be shortsighted when praying about our heart’s desires or pain. When life closes in on us and we feel like all hope is lost, we can be tempted to give up. But God is Sovereign and He’s still there for us. He wants us to keep pressing forward and not give up. Often, our answered prayers are just around the corner, waiting for us to receive it. Sometimes, the answers don’t look like what we expect but God is always looking out for us and He knows what’s best. 

Meanwhile, the wide open space hadn’t been visible at first because the SUV was blocking my view. This showed me something else. How often do we let obstacles in our path obstruct our view of God’s promises for our lives? 

Perhaps we could learn from the story in Numbers 13 where the Israelites delayed their entry into the Promised Land. Several of the spies sent to scout their new territory returned to the camp reporting that there were giants in the land. The scouts expressed fear of not being able to overtake them and step into all God had in store for their journey. Now they were on the cusp of entering the land that God had promised them, yet they were shrinking back in fear. They didn’t think that the same God who led them by a pillar of cloud by day and fire by night could enable them to seize their new territory, defeat the giants, and be victorious. Clearly, they also forgot that this is the same God who made a way by parting the Red Sea, allowing them to walk through on dry ground when Pharoah’s armies were pursuing them. This was the God who drowned  Pharaoh’s army in the Red Sea as soon as the Israelites were safely on the other side. God proved His majesty and provision time and again! Why were they now so worried about defeating the giants and claiming the land He had promised?

As I grow older and think about this Bible story, I realize that we shouldn’t judge people too harshly, because how often, even in this modern age, do we act the same way? We frequently become intimidated by obstacles in our path and take ten steps back, panic, and turn away. Where is God in that equation? Good news: He’s always there! We need to remember that, with God on our side, we are the majority and will always overcome in victory in His perfect timing. 

Remember that God loves you. He’ll never leave you nor forsake you and He always has your best interest at heart. When we feel scared to face the “giants” obstructing our view of God’s promises, or when we don’t know how we will overcome difficult odds, we can remember that we serve a Way Maker who is never short on miracles. God can easily empower us to defeat any “giant” standing in the way. This gives us the hope to continue moving forward as we pray for a path through our struggles. We can hold on to faith as our blessings are often right around the corner.

To further encourage your heart, listen to the live concert version of Sinach’s song, “Way Maker”.

Let’s Pray: Dear God, Thank You, Lord, for being a Way Maker. Thank you for always being for us and not against us. Thank You for your power that can defeat every enemy and bring us safely into all You have promised. Help us to hold on to our faith in You and hold on to the hope You give us. Help us to seek You first every day and not let trials and tribulations defeat us. Help us to be more like Your Son, Jesus Christ. Help us to trust You with everything. In Jesus’s Name, I pray. Amen. 

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Alexis A. GoringAlexis A. Goring is an author, blogger, editor, photographer, trained journalist, and total foodie. She specializes in Contemporary Christian Romance (fiction) and devotionals (nonfiction). Her first devotional book, Stories and Songs of Faith: My Journey with God, was published in April 2020. Alexis hopes that her life’s work will lead people to Jesus Christ and teach them about the God who loves humankind with all of His heart. When she’s not sharing words that inspire and encourage the heart, you can find her in the kitchen cooking up something tasty, or in a café or restaurant, either dining solo or sharing a meal with loved ones. Connect with Alexis online via her website (https://alexisagoring.jimdofree.com), Twitter (@pennedbyalex) and Instagram (@capturing_the_idea).

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Originally published Monday, 25 September 2023.