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“I no longer call you servants, because a servant does not know his master’s business. Instead, I have called you friends, for everything that I learned from my Father I have made known to you.” John 15:15 (NIV) 

I made new friends from around the world at an international prayer retreat recently. We all traveled to Ireland to seek God together – me from the United States, and others from diverse nations: Australia, Costa Rica, Sweden, Greece, Belgium, Scotland, the Czech Republic, and more. Even though we hadn’t met each other before the retreat, we developed friendships quickly. There was no need for small talk or ice-breaker activities because our retreat leader had us jump right into hugging each other and talking about spiritual topics in meaningful conversations. Even introverts, like me, quickly got to know others well in that environment. It was easy to start friendships with each other because we all shared a mutual friendship with God. 

Friendship is one of the most beautiful relationships we can experience. Friends are the ones we trust with our secrets, lean on in difficult times, and celebrate with during joyful times. In John 15:15, Jesus extends an invitation that is nothing short of remarkable: He calls us his friends! This isn’t a casual offer; it’s a close and profound relationship that God desires to have with each of us. 

We can understand the depth of this friendship by considering the contrast Jesus makes. A servant follows orders without necessarily understanding the bigger picture. There’s a distant formality in the relationship. But friends? Friends are brought into the inner circle. They share in the knowledge and plans, and they walk alongside each other with mutual trust and understanding. 

Jesus has made known to us everything He learned from the Father. This openness reveals His desire for a close and transparent relationship with us. During His earthly ministry, Jesus communicated God’s heart, desires, and plans for humanity. Through His teachings and example of loving service, Jesus unfolded the mysteries of God’s kingdom, showing us the Father’s character and His will for our lives. This act of revealing the Father’s heart underscores how Jesus values intimacy over hierarchy. He doesn’t want us to follow Him out of duty or obligation, like servants carrying out commands without comprehension. Instead, Jesus invites us to understand the core of who He is and what He values. He wants us to experience and participate in His love. By making the Father known to us, Jesus opens the door to a close relationship built on mutual love. He wants us to not only obey but connect deeply with Him. Knowing Jesus means understanding His desires, feeling His joys, and sharing in His sorrows. It’s about aligning our hearts with Jesus (and God the Father and the Holy Spirit, who are all unified) to develop a genuine bond, where we communicate openly and honestly. 

Jesus longs for us to share our hearts with Him in return. Just as Jesus has revealed His innermost thoughts and feelings, He encourages us to do the same. He invites us to talk with Him in prayer about everything that is on our minds and hearts. 

So, how can we enjoy this friendship with Jesus? 

-Spend time together: Just as we build earthly friendships by spending time together, we deepen our friendship with Jesus through prayer, meditation, and reading His Word, the Bible. These times allow us to hear Jesus’ voice and share our thoughts and feelings with Him. 

-Be open and honest: Friends don’t hide their struggles or their joys from each other. Jesus invites us to bring everything to Him – our fears, our doubts, our dreams, and our victories. He cares deeply about each aspect of our lives. 

-Follow Jesus’ example: Friendship with Jesus means aligning ourselves with His teachings and way of life. As we emulate Jesus’ holy ways, we grow closer to Him.

-Trust in Jesus’ love: True friends are there for each other in all circumstances. Jesus’ love for us is unconditional and unwavering. Trusting in Jesus’ love means relying on Him to help us in every situation we encounter.

-Share our lives: We can include Jesus in all of our daily activities and notice Jesus’ presence with us throughout each day. As we go through our schedule, we can talk with Jesus like a friend who is always there with us – sharing our thoughts and feelings and seeking His guidance for our decisions. 

Jesus offers us the most extraordinary friendship! Embracing this friendship means allowing ourselves to be loved fully by the One who knows us best. 

Dear Jesus, Thank you for calling me your friend. It amazes me that you want such a close relationship with me. Help me to spend time with you and to be open and honest about my thoughts and feelings. Guide me to follow your example and to trust deeply in your love for me. Walk with me each day, and remind me of your presence regularly. I cherish your friendship and want to grow closer to you every day. Thank you for loving me so completely. I love you. Amen.

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Originally published Monday, 03 June 2024.