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“And we know that God causes everything to work together[  for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.” Romans 8:28 (NLT)

“It’s for your own good.” 

We’ve all heard this phrase a million times. Parents, we’ve all said this phrase a million times. Not all of us grew up in a healthy environment. Sometimes, abusive behaviors cloud our judgment and cause us to inflict pain on the people God puts in our lives. But even for those who have grown up in healthy environments, parental wisdom doesn’t always feel or seem wise or correct. “For your own good” sometimes feels like it’s for someone else’s good. Parents and caregivers aim to love, support, and hopefully guide us in godly wisdom. But it often doesn’t feel like things are working out for our good in the moment. However, in this phrase, there is a reassurance, a promise that even in the darkest times, there is a purpose, a plan for our good. 

Though frustrating to hear and deliver, this phrase is actually packed with wisdom and truth when used appropriately. God is good. He’s a good Father. His wisdom is for our own good. His discipline is for our own good. His love is for our own good. But we don’t always want to hear it! Can you imagine? Yet, in these moments of doubt and confusion, it is crucial to remember to trust in His wisdom and love, for they are always working for our ultimate good. 

Godly parents and caregivers aim to guide us in the same way. When we aren’t sure whether their wisdom is godly, we can ask God if it is! We are responsible for honoring our parents in the best and most appropriate way we can with healthy boundaries we cultivate as we grow. God watches out for us. When we are misled, it does not go unnoticed by God. He promises to work all things for our good. He promises to strengthen us, and He also promises that when we search for Him, we will find Him. Micah 7:7 says, “As for me, I look to the Lord for help. I wait confidently for God to save me and my God will certainly hear me.”

We can proclaim this truth over our lives today because God’s wisdom, discipline, and the transforming work of the Holy Spirit in our lives day by day is for our own good! God sent His Son Jesus to Earth for His own good. Jesus obediently lived, fully human and fully God, for our own good. He was crucified, died, and rose again for our own good. Now, when we accept Christ Jesus as our Savior, we share in His victory over death and look forward to the hope of heaven.

Sometimes, it's hard to know what’s ‘for our own good’. But, when we look at our lives through the lens of the Lord, we are able to see things in a new light. Confusion sometimes clears for clarity. Pain sometimes subsides or evaporates. We get through hard times – they don’t last forever, and we’re never alone. Chaos surrounds us, yet we can experience peace in the middle of it. 

God tells us to pray continuously and to seek a relationship with Him through reading and studying the Bible. Why is it important to God that we apply His truth to our daily lives? Why is it important to pray constantly? You got it. It’s for our own good. 

Let’s pray: 


We do not like to hear the phrase, “It’s for your own good.” But so often, we need to hear hard truths and do the hard work to live lives that bring glory and honor to You. Help us to know the difference between godly wisdom and useless advice. It gives us the ability to determine whether people have our best interests at heart or are guided by selfishness. God, we confess our own selfishness and the way we sometimes boss people around because it benefits us. Kick us out of our comfort zones, God, and help us to walk in wisdom and Truth. Help us to honor our parents and caregivers and those older and wiser than us who are truly trying to guide us in Your truth, God. For those who have ill or incorrect intentions for us, alert us, God, and let their words go in one ear and out the other, not affecting our hearts or allowing lies to take root in our minds. We love You, God. Thank You for the way You care so deeply about us. In Jesus’ Name, we pray, 


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Meg BucherMeg writes about everyday life within the love of Christ at megbucher.comShe is the author of “Friends with Everyone, Friendship within the Love of Christ,” “Surface, Unlocking the Gift of Sensitivity,” “Glory Up, The Everyday Pursuit of Praise,” “Home, Finding Our Identity in Christ,” and "Sent, Faith in Motion." Meg earned a Marketing/PR degree from Ashland University but stepped out of the business world to stay home and raise her two daughters …which led her to pursue her writing passion. A contributing writer for Salem Web Network since 2016, Meg is now thrilled to be a part of the editorial team at Salem Web Network. Meg loves being involved in her community and local church, leads Bible study, and serves as a youth leader for teen girls.

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Originally published Monday, 27 May 2024.