Girlfriends in God - July 23, 2008

July 23, 2008

Bride in the Box

Sharon Jaynes



Today’s Truth

“God richly supplies us with all things to enjoy” (I Timothy 6:17NIV).


Friend to Friend

There she lay in her beautiful box … a two-foot bride doll dressed in a white chiffon, pearl-studded wedding gown with matching veil. Her short-cropped, curly brown hair fell softly around her delicate face; her pink, plump skin felt amazingly soft; and her movable eyelids lined with thick black lashes opened and closed with her changing positions. The bride had perfectly shaped lips and crystal-blue eyes that appeared strangely real. She was truly the most beautiful doll I had ever received in my six-year-old life.


My uncle knew my infatuation with being a bride and had given me this lovely gift. However, there was one problem. My mother wouldn’t let me play with her. “You’ll have to wait until you are older,” she stated. “She was very expensive. We’ll just keep her in the box until you’re big enough to take care of her.”


Therefore, the doll stayed in her box, safely stowed away in a dresser drawer. Occasionally I’d open the drawer to stroke her lovely hair or straighten up her lacy gown, but never did I take her out and actually play with her. Now that I am an adult, I don’t even know what became of her.


Thinking back on the lovely gift that was never enjoyed, I’m reminded of the gifts that God has given to each one of us. If we keep those gifts tucked away in a hidden place until we feel like we’re old enough to take proper care of them, or mature enough to master them, we’ll miss many years of the enjoyment He intended all along. Yes, the gifts may get tattered and torn in the process, but enjoying them will bring the Giver great pleasure. After all, our enjoyment is His great delight. That’s what gifts are for.


Is there a gift that you have tucked away for safe keeping? Is God waiting for you to open the gift and begin enjoying His presence?


Let’s Pray

Dear Father, sometimes I get way too stuffy in my faith. I see that Jesus went to parties and laughed. I read that David danced with joy. Today, I simply want to enjoy Your presence and delight in Your love. In Jesus’ Name, Amen


Now it’s Your Turn

Can you say that you enjoy the Lord?

Do you think you ever keep your faith in a box for safe keeping?

What is your favorite way to spend time with Him?

Did you know that He is particularly fond of you and enjoys being with you?


More from the Girlfriends

Today’s devotion was taken from Sharon new devotional book, Extraordinary Moments with God. Come with Sharon as she dusts for God’s fingerprints that change ordinary days into extraordinary moments. As you explore this treasury of stories highlighting “God moments” in the lives of fellow travelers, you too will begin to sense His presence in extraordinary ways.



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Originally published Wednesday, 23 July 2008.