Girlfriends in God - Aug. 1, 2008

August 1, 2008
I’m Finished Fighting!
Cindi Wood

Today’s Truth
“The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.” Exodus 14:14 (NIV)

Friend to Friend 
I can’t take it anymore, Danita said as she flopped down in the recliner in her den.  It was late afternoon, and plenty of evening duties still lay before her.  She felt like she’d been putting out fires all day long with no one to help.  Somewhere inside of her, she knew she shouldn’t be feeling so irritated and helpless.  She was running out of energy, and not enjoying life the way she once did.  When she breathed her prayer of Lord, please help me … it was more out of desperation than a sincere cry for help.

Have you ever felt like Danita?  Oh, I have!  Well, take heart frazzled sister!  Your God is strong and mighty to save and, He’s longing to invade your daily circumstances and pull you out of the pit.  Only our God can bring stability out of the messes of life. As your Heavenly Father, it delights Him to comfort you and rescue you.  He understands your stress and knows how the events of daily living can leave you feeling haggard and depleted. If you will turn to Him and allow Him to do so, He will fight your battles, restore your joy, and usher you into victorious living.  He is waiting for you to be still.

As a small child, I escaped to the deep end of the pool one day and jumped into water way over my head.  I remember fighting underwater, trying to get back to the top.  The harder I fought, the deeper I went.  I didn’t know how to swim.  Exhausted, I stopped fighting and expected to drown.  Still and helpless, I then floated to the top, where a lifeguard noticed me and quickly pulled me to safety.

Sometimes I feel like I’m drowning in the stress-pool of life, struggling, doing everything imaginable to fight my way to the top, only to arrive nowhere, feeling exhausted and helpless.  Then, I finally remember to be still and fall into the arms of my Mighty Rescuer.  Not one moment during my frantic struggle does He turn His gaze from me.  In fact, He has already rescued me many times. I just don’t realize it. In great patience (because He alone knows what’s best for me), He waits until I give up my fight of self-sufficiency to demonstrate His power.                              
Let’s Pray
Dear Lord, why do I continually try to fight my way through my daily circumstances? Please remind me today, through your Holy Spirit, to remember how much you long to help me, give me peace and rescue me from the stress I experience.  I love You so much and I want to thank You – once again – for being my Mighty Rescuer!  In Jesus’ name, Amen!

Now It’s Your Turn 

  1. What circumstance, right now, are you battling?
  2. Are you willing to step back, take a deep breath, and be still long enough to give the Lord opportunity to demonstrate His power?
  3. Take a few moments before leaving this devotion to sit quietly in His presence.  Ask Him to open your eyes to His involvement in your situation.

More from the Girlfriends
Life can be so stressful and before you know it, you find yourself engaged in multiple battles.  Living like this can drag you and stomp you down bringing mounds of aches, pains, guilt, and helplessness on top of it all!  Please know, dear sister, this kind of life is not God’s plan for you.  I assure you that He’s in control and He longs for you to experience His peace.  If you’d like to understand more about His plan for victorious living, I invite you to check out the Victoriously Frazzled Bible Study on my web site at  May God bless you (and He will) as you give the battle to Him.

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Originally published Friday, 01 August 2008.