When Your Life Changes…and the Change Isn’t Easy - Encouragement for Today - November 11, 2016

Chrystal Evans Hurst

November 11, 2016
When Your Life Changes … and the Change Isn’t Easy

“For I, the LORD, do not change …” Malachi 3:6a (NASB)

Change is hard. I recently moved from one house to another. We downsized. Downsizing is code for go-through-your-stuff-and-get-rid-of-everything-that-won’t-fit.

Moving is already stressful. Downsizing takes that stress over the top.

For quite a while, I couldn’t find my cups. The important papers from my desk in the old house are still buried in a box somewhere. I have yet to update my address at the post office. Oh … and my toothbrush? I just gave up looking for it and bought another one.

I think the most stressful part of the move has been getting my phone service changed. For some reason the process has not been smooth. In fact, I would venture to say it has been brutal.

Do you know how much time it can take to get to the right person who can help you? And for the love, why can’t I just press 0 and talk to someone?!?!

I tend to be a creature of habit, and any shift in my routine requires me to expend more energy. For example … no more driving on autopilot to get from home to work. Now there are new patterns of traffic to learn and alternate routes to know for those times when traffic backs up.

Moving has been tough. Change isn’t easy.

If your body doesn’t work the way it used to, a change in diet, exercise or life pace can be difficult to navigate. When you lose your job and stare long and hard at a budget that doesn’t work, fear and anxiety can set in. And when a loved one dies, and the phone doesn’t ring like it used to, sharp pangs in the heart can abound.

Sometimes change is not just hard. It is painful.

But whether we like it or not, the living of this life involves change.

Relationships change.

Locations change.

Jobs change.

Our bodies change.

We change.

Life is change. The longer you live, the more you know that the only thing constant in this life is change. Whether our changes seem hard or make us happy, change teaches us that life is fragile, uncertain and temporary. Nothing lasts forever.

Well something lasts forever. God. “For I, the LORD, do not change …” (Malachi 3:6a).

In Psalm 102:27, the psalmist declares, “But You are the same, and Your years will not come to an end” (NASB).

God doesn’t change. He has always been and will always be never changing.

I’m so glad to know that we serve a God who stays the same. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. Whether we move homes, change jobs, experience relational, physical or emotional changes, God is a constant and dependable anchor.

Not only does God stay the same but so do His loving plans for us that are based in His Word. Psalm 33:11 says, “The counsel of the LORD stands forever, The plans of His heart from generation to generation” (NASB). Isaiah 40:8 tells us “The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God will stand forever” (ESV).

And because His plans are unshakeable, His loving intention toward us never wavers. His Word is dependable, so we can find comfort in our relationship with Him whatever change comes our way.

During my seasons of change, I’ve learned the importance of resting in the immutable God — the God who never changes. There are many things I cannot control, but I can depend on God to be a refuge in times of trouble, provide comfort to my aching heart and give guidance through His Word so I can effectively navigate life’s changes.

Despite feeling like some changes in my life extend far beyond my control, I have come to know the beauty of resting in the arms of a God who is always totally in control of the circumstances of my life.

Can I encourage you today? Nothing that’s happened to you surprised God.

And because He does not change and is faithful to all generations (Psalm 119:90), you can trust Him to carry you through whatever changes you face today.

If God has allowed a change in your life, let that change motivate you to draw closer to Him and to His Word. Let Him be your refuge, your comfort and your strength.

Dear Jesus, You don’t change, but something in my life has. The change has not been easy, and I need You to help me walk through the new experiences in my life. Thank You for your Word. Please reassure and comfort me based on Your loving plans. I trust You to be with me during this and every season. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Hebrews 13:8, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.” (NASB)

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What difficult change have you experienced?

How have you found comfort in your relationship with God or in His Word?

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Originally published Friday, 11 November 2016.