When My Advice Is Unwelcome - Daughters of Promise - August 5


“For the lips of a priest ought to preserve knowledge, and from his mouth men should seek instruction–because he is the messenger of the LORD Almighty.” Malachi 2:7

It should be the natural outcome ~ A man or woman who walks with God should be perceived as God’s messenger.  They should be known as someone reliable to speak God’s mind, someone whose wisdom is sought after because of its invaluable nature.

Though God’s children are to die to self, we can be sloppy in confession and choose to live in the flesh.  Others see us as people who are argumentative and love to be right and who are also immovable in our beliefs.  (Often our beliefs are not theological tenets, they are preferences.)  When others experience us as a  ‘know it all’, we have ceased to be God’s spokesmen even though our basic message may be right. Our flesh has altered their perception of the Gospel.

You know how hard it is to find someone who knows the mind of God.  Take a moment and take stock of those around you. If you needed wisdom, who would you call?  At the thought of some, you might put up your hand and stop yourself.  “Boy, don’t call him.  He’ll sermonize and tell you everything he knows.”  Or, “Ask her? I can’t hear God through her judgmental attitude.”

The focus of this devotional is not to throw stones.  It’s to gain enlightenment so that personal change is possible.  I ask myself some tough questions.  1.) Do other believers enjoy being in my presence? 2.) Am I experienced by them as someone who will sit on my thoughts until the Holy Spirit prompts me to speak? 3.) Do people consistently call me to ask for ‘my take on things’?

Or, am I one who speaks up without ever being asked? Perhaps I’m rarely asked because of how I come across. If so, there are some things about myself I need to face.  Jesus, the Messenger of His Father, walked in perfect balance.  He was silent before His accusers yet was also able to be eloquent before crowds and kings when He knew it was right to deliver a message. He didn’t make speeches to feed his wounded ego.  He lived to please the Father and self-interest was absent.  

Needs of any kind shouldn’t drive my choices except my need to live for Christ.  People will be free to need me when matters are weighty.  They will have a hunch that He has put some of the secrets of the kingdom in my repertoire of knowledge.

If others perceive me negatively, make me open to the truth about myself. Amen

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Originally published Monday, 05 August 2019.