Walking my Property Lines - Daughters of Promise - May 14


“Arise, walk through the length and the breadth of the land, for I will give it to you.” Genesis 13:17

God never meant for me to be passive about my faith. He has made promises but I must make them mine by walking them out. There will be times that promises appear to be in threat so I must rise up to fight for faith. There will be giants in my Canaan. A life of faith does not mean a life of resting. I must expect battles.

Being an ambassador of God on this earth means ruling on behalf of the kingdom who commissioned me. Though earth is not my home, I’m sent here to represent my King and bring the laws of His kingdom to earth. This is a cooperative effort. As I rule and do my part, God has my back. As I stand in His promises, He fulfills them. That’s why Moses was told to raise the rod over the Red Sea. That’s why Joshua and the Israelites was told to march around the walls of Jericho. They did their part and God brought the victory.

God has just given Abram a blessing. He promises him land in every direction his eyes can see and offspring greater than the sands of the sea. But it won’t come to pass without Abram’s involvement. He is told to walk the length and breadth of the land – personally staking his claim.

Walking out God’s promises is to be my way of life. When my children’s future appears to be tenuous, I get on my knees and stake my claim on God’s promises for them. When the ministry is under spiritual attack, I go to a day of fasting and re-claim the promises surrounding my calling. When my home is under attack; when anger, anxiety or depression swirl, when equipment begins to malfunction, when sleep is robbed, when people begin to act out without a cause, I do what Abram did. I walk the lines of my property and sing. I also take my “I Am” sheet with me and read it as I walk. (Download it here.) The victory is mine as God engages with my faith walk.

Giants in the land were never there to cause me to faint. They were there to teach me to live and fight for faith.

Too many obstacles? I used to just abdicate. Thank you for teaching me how to fight and for giving victory after victory. As the stakes get higher, give me the grace to walk with more boldness. Amen. 

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